A Sparrow’s Voice


Perhaps in one’s search for perfection… our sense of what is beautiful becomes lost… searching for what has really never existed in our world.  Perhaps we search because of a sense of remembering from where we came. 

Maybe one could imagine what is perfect within their own mind… though my mind wanders in such imperfection that I don’t believe it would ‘know’ if ‘perfectness’ wandered through it.  Maybe one could dream the perfect dream and linger in that moment… but then… their awakening would be filled with the cruel emptiness of reality.

How does one portray the ‘beautiful’ they find inside their dreams?  There have been those who have attempted to paint them upon a canvass… There are those who have tried to express their dreams in rhyme… Yet… there seems there are no hues of color nor words in rhyme that can cast before our eyes, filling our hearts and souls with the ‘beautiful’ that lies within our dreams. 

Gathering wisdom through my many years spent on this earth, I have found nothing of perfectness… There is nothing that exists in nature that stands with perfection.  Yet… I have found more that is beautiful in all of nature’s imperfections than I could have ever imagined.

Perhaps that is in itself, part of the ‘beautiful’  within us… our own imperfections… our imperfect attempts at creating reflections of what does not exist.  Of course we must realize the often heard phrase that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”… and isn’t that one of the ‘truths’ of the universe. 

So… I will remain in my imperfection… continuing to write my thoughts… my dreams… While others remain in their search for what is perfect… While they are listening to the beauty of the song birds… I will be finding what is most beautiful to me… in the voice of a sparrow.

A Sparrow’s Voice

Caught in a dream
Finding myself half there…
Half here… although here is not
Where I feel the most at home…
I dreamt of all the beautiful
That lingers beyond this world…
Sometimes finding its way
Into our forgotten consciousness…
I find no way to trace the lines
For there are no words
To engrave upon the mind
What lies beyond our human comprehension

If I were an artist
I would search this world for a canvass
That could bear the magnificence of a masterpiece…
And paint for you… “my dream”…
Though I have never found
Within my humanness
A palette borne of such brilliance…
Yet it is often within
Those very shades of other worlds
Where our soul discovers its longing…
Perhaps the effervescence of ‘coming home’…

Though Vincent tried to paint his dreams
One lonely “Starry Night”…
The morning star… the light before the dawn

His paintings often lined the walls
Of silent kings and queens…
Yet, never did he find the hues
For portraits of his dreams

Though I am but a sparrow’s voice
Upon the parchment bare…
I have searched this world
And that of another
For words that could paint
Upon this canvass…
A dream…
Yet I have found only lyrics of my humanness…

Caught between the reasons
Of life… as though it seems.
Never having found the words
For portraits of my dreams…

My mom was an artist… and a dreamer… a painter… and a poet. She often wandered this world and that of another and I thank her profoundly for sharing just the thought of that possibility… and for her endless encouragement… from this world and from that of another. There were times… while painting her heart upon the canvass… I could see the frustration upon her face… feel the pain of her compassion… for she too… could never find the hues to paint her dreams…
And yet…… We still can dream.




9 thoughts on “A Sparrow’s Voice

  1. Such a beautiful poem Michael.. And oh to find and paint a dream.. I have tried many times to capture that dream.. But failed to translate from mind to canvas the shear beauty one can find within ones own mind and dreams..

    You may have seen my most recent painting of the Elder.. whose story was begging to be told.. 🙂
    But it matters not.. I have just been watching the sparrows out of my Kitchen window as I did the washing up after Sunday Lunch.. And marvel at them every time I watch them eating the seeds I put out for them..
    Sending thoughts your way.. And never let go of dreaming
    Sue xxx

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    • Thank you Sue… I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed this one. A bit unusual even for me. Ahhh… to paint a dream. Perhaps we will someday find what fails between the mind and our canvas and we shall indeed… paint portraits of our dreams.

      I just came from absorbing your painting of the Elder and reading those most beautiful words to my soul that you shared with us there. Of course… you know that I must leave a comment upon your site beneath a post that has touched my soul.

      I want to thank you Sue with all my heart for feeding the little sparrows… They are so special to my heart. I believe there is a Simon and Garfunkel song there somewhere… I am in constant wonder of the sparrows… though they often share with me their rhymes of life… of love… of journeys… far beyond my humanness… They wander in much of my poetry and I am most grateful for them to share their lives with me.

      So glad you dropped by this morning or early afternoon for you… You have indeed brought to me the chattering of sparrows… and brightened my day. If one would listen… they speak the most beautiful of words…

      I am absorbing the thoughts you have sent to me… and I too… shall never let go of dreaming.

      A beautiful day to you…


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  2. Michael.. Thank you for this and for your most eloquent reply upon my post of the Elder.. I will moderate it later and leave you my reply.. but I wanted to leave you a gift..
    This little sparrow.. I gave healing too after it hit a window and got knocked out, I thought it dead.. but spent time with it in my hand until it recovered..
    We are all of us upon our branches.. Climbing Michael.. and I am sure one day we will reach out among the leaves and shake hands..

    Love Sue xx

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  3. Wow I love sparrows and the fact that you captured such a wonderful shot. I’m never quick enough to photograph birds so I admire that in another. Also your words Michael are always so beautiful and might I say like a painting. I think you’re words paint a beautiful visual word picture of lofty thoughts that maybe are best expressed just as you have here. I always love your poems. They are so sweet like you! 🌸🌼💛


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