Being Different

Being Different 4

Sophie’s favorite place to watch Animal Planet

Funny Picture… Serious Poem

Being Different

Darkness bides in black and white
Rainbows fade in tempered light
Lines are thin tween wrong and right
Yet… humans really aren’t that bright

Walls torn down tween love and hate
While clergy cope with faith or fate
Behind closed doors we’re gay or straight
Yet… humans… tend to desecrate

Love that’s lost or love embraced
Lines we’ve drawn and lines erased
Passion longs for touch and taste
Yet… humans spawn the toxic waste

River’s wide tween rich and poor
Tween rotten wood and golden doors
Tween angel’s breath and sultry whores
Yet… humans loath the even score

Must we choose tween fight or flight
Are choices only left or right
Answers clear as day and night
Yet… humans really aren’t that bright



Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved


6 thoughts on “Being Different

  1. Excellent poem Michael and I agree we humans are not all that bright are we?
    Yet despite all the chaos, gloom and toxicity that flows around so freely these days.. I am always one to live in Hope..
    If you saw my last post a few days old.. you will see that many feel as we do.. But we are speaking up, speaking our truth and we are going within ourselves, nurturing, and being creative… As your beautiful poems testify Michael..
    I do feel we are awakening more people, and as we do so, that light will brighten.. It’s like a seed.. It needs time to germinate.. it always starts out in the darkness, but pushes onward and upwards towards the light, seeking warmth and brightness, from the Loving Sun..

    So too we are striving, pushing through, all be it seemingly dark times for many..
    But I know that even though it may not be we who get to see the garden in full bloom, I know I will have helped plant the seeds..

    Sending Love and Light Michael..
    And Healing thoughts..
    Sue ❤ xx

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    • Oh Sue… thank you so much. What a beautiful comment to leave for me to find. Your endless positivity and the sharing of your bright light are two very important reasons I have continued to write and post on this blog. Thank you for your continued encouragement and for planting those seeds. I do believe that many of those seeds have sprouted in my own back yard… and I am most grateful.

      Thank you for your love, light and healing thoughts… I will combine them with mine and return them to you… perhaps they will arrive with exponential brightness…


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      • Your comment alone made my day that much brighter dear Michael, and I hope if you have posted a new post to catch up with you soon.. Spring is busy here with the planting and growing of seeds in the allotment garden.. So I am for the moment only replying to comments.. Sending my love and continued healing vibes your way xx 🙂 ❤

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  2. Sophie is the cat’s meow with her pose and where she loves to watch animal planet. Yes humans have not come a long way to civilization. The longest journey will always be from the mind to the heart….the longest journey. Your poem reminds me of one I wrote years ago…..”With the rainbow I wear. Well done


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