From Threads of Silk

864 G From threads of silk

From Threads of Silk

I am copper
I am steel
I am liquid that you feel
Blowing in the wind
Cross fields of grain…
I am diamonds
I am jade
I am gems you cannot trade
Flowing in the marrow
Of your veins…

I’m the hunter
I’m the prey
I’m the potter sculpting clay
Molding faces bare
Of make believe…
I’m the spider
I’m the fly
I’m the tear drop in your eye
Folding threads of silk
In webs we weave

I’m the silence
I’m the roar
I’m the secrets neath your floor
Keeping safe the truth
From troubled minds…
I’m the battle
I’m the hush
I’m the artist’s rarest brush
Painting portraits paled
By tithes that bind

I am hatred
I am love
I’m the push that comes to shove
Speaking words of truth
Inside your head…
I’m the dreamer
I’m the rhyme
I’m the traveler in time
Breathing in the song
Of words you said




3 thoughts on “From Threads of Silk

  1. This is so special Michael.. For we are within ALL of these things.. If only we would see .. Nothing is separate.. All is one.. So loved all of this poem Michael.. I had missed it.. 🙂
    Sending Love and Healing warmth… From one spirit to another.. Sue xx


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