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The Vision of Poets

Spring Beauties 5


Where did he go…
He seemingly vanished
Perhaps to the sea…
He’s attempted to vanish
For most of his time
As most folks may know
From reading his rhymes…

There’s been no post
Now week after week
No one has seen him
Out on the street
He doesn’t appear
To wander online
Perhaps he’ll appear
When the planets align

Where did he go
Where no one can find
In search of wonder
With love intertwined?
Curiosity may draw him
To mystic unknowns
But often has led him
Where life has no bones…

He smiles when he wanders
Far out on the ledge
Where life and reality
Teeter on edge…
Perhaps he may wander
With creatures untamed
Who don’t give a shit
About fortune or fame…

He’s talked with no one
On twitter or phone
His car’s in the driveway
But sits all alone
The kitties just stare
Through dirt covered glass
While out in the yard
There’s very tall grass

He used to sit
At that old kitchen table
Scrawling his prose
His rhymes and his fables
Sometimes conversing
With otherworld friends
All of them there
With parchment and pens…

Perhaps he’s just writing
Of love and of wonder
Of sadness or hope
Or just distant thunder…
His porch light has burned now
Beyond the blue moon
His thirty three lingering
Lost in the runes…

Maybe you’ve seen him
Tween books on the shelf
Perhaps he has wandered
In dreams of yourself…
Someone once found him
Tween poets long passed
With Emily, Robert
Ms. Browning amassed…

If you have seen him
In first blush of dawn
In hours of darkness
Tween lines that are drawn
He sometimes may linger
Near ceilings of rooms
Catching your dreams
In lavender blooms

Please…. Please….
Share with us all
The knowledge you have
Of where he may scrawl…
Incense and sage
May bring him in view
Perhaps in the mist
Of the potions you brew

We’re anxiously waiting
Some justified right
That Michael33
Has not taken flight
Please leave a comment
In daylight or night
That you’ve seen him dwelling
In plain human sight

By GhostWriter33

Copyright © 2017 Ghostwriter33

While we await the return of Michael33
Or some word of his very existence…
Please be sure to pick up a copy of Michael33’s newly published book:

“As Shadows Cross the sky”
Poetic Stories of Michael33

As Shadows Cross the Sky

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Poetry books are wonderful additions to any coffee table… awaiting the hands of friends or strangers to peer between the covers… to flip through the pages in wonder of what they may find.  They make wonderful gifts… stocking stuffers… expressions of compassion to one who is troubled… an escape for one to enjoy a journey far, far away from what roams inside their own mind… day after day. They can be given to one whom we care about deeply… to touch their heart… to stir their soul… to allow them to dream… the dreams of wonder.

Proceeds from this book will be used to help defray the ridiculously high cost of cancer treatments and of procedures for serious side effects, that have become necessary as a result of those treatments.  For more information… please visit:


A squirt of lemon
A squeeze of lime
A pinch of parsley
A sprig of thyme

But in the end
Behind the mime
What we have left
Lies in the rhyme

Thank you for your endless support of the poetry and writing of Michael33… encouragement to never lose hope… and the inspiration to linger between the lines.




2 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Lovely to see a post from you Michael .. And a lovely Muse to enlighten us.. 🙂 And big congratulations upon your poetry book my friend.. Looks fabulous.. And a great cause it’s proceeds are being donated
    to .. Love and Blessings to you Michael. xxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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