The Innocence of the Child

Innocence of the child 3

The innocence of the child

Babies laugh
Babies cry
All in a universal language…
There is no difference
In English
In Spanish
In Arabic
Nor in Farsi…
They laugh
They cry
They make those beautiful coos
A burp from time to time
A hiccup now and then…
And we all understand the language…
Babies smile in their mother’s arms
At a happy face
With a gentle touch…
With never a thought
Of the color of their own skin
Nor of the color of ours…
Babies don’t know the difference
Between rich and poor…
Of social status…
They don’t know prejudice
Or hate
Or injustice…
They love us unconditionally
In spite of our shortcomings…
Our long noses
Our big ears
The blemishes that
Decorate our skin…
A baby’s only desires
Are to be nourished
To hear a calming voice
To be held with tenderness
To be loved unconditionally…
Isn’t it sad that
Adult human beings
Don’t share the same desires
Can’t live in life itself
With the innocence of a child…
If we did…
Perhaps there would be peace in the world…



Copyright © 2017


3 thoughts on “The Innocence of the Child

    • Good morning Sue… Umm… I guess good afternoon where you are. So glad to hear from you. You are exactly right… we do forget the inner child. It seems in my case… the older I grow… the more ways I find to nurture that inner child. I think in our younger years we are just far too busy to take the time to stand in the quiet and to listen to that little voice inside us. There are some things in life that are very precious and that inner child is certainly one of those.
      Thank you Sue… Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Saturday…

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      • I think dear Michael as i grew up I had little time to nurture that little child.. I was too busy trying to be all grown up and look after my younger siblings.. Now I nurture my inner child alot and my granddaughter is helping me learn a new just what a joy childhood can be.. 🙂


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