Inside the Cuckoo

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The following post is a reflection of no one, other than… Myself!

Inside the Cuckoo

Go ahead… I dare you to wander around inside my head
Just don’t step on any of the creatures
Prowling through the forest…
Hiding in the weeds…
For they will drag you through the bog
Through the feculence of your own conscience
Till insurrection dwells
Within your every thought

Go ahead… I dare you to step inside my poetry
And wander through the verses…
Just be careful not to fall between the lines
Where resolutions of my insanity
Dwell restlessly in shadows of the moonlight…
Beneath the rusty fire escapes
Where homelessness lies in the silence
Of cardboard boxes without a voice…
Where walls of graffiti tell stories of delusion
Or perhaps…
Just visions of dreams

Go ahead… I dare you to linger in the rhyme
Where time no longer ticks
Inside the cuckoo…
Where reason only shines before the dawn…
Where blackbirds dance to runes in their reflection
And minds are never lost in morning’s yawn

Go ahead… I dare you…


Copyright © 2017

Go ahead… I dare you to comment…


5 thoughts on “Inside the Cuckoo

  1. So, I’m a little disturbed by the prowling creatures in your mind dragging you through shit… except that you’re such an unbelievably kind person to everyone who crosses your path (except maybe Cox Communications), that if feculence exsists in your conscience, it must’ve gotten lost when the ticks of the cuckoo fell between the lines of your insanity…


    • Good morning urfavrit… Yes… I’m certain that you must be a little disturbed… for you are the first that has dared to comment… but then… we both know… that what lingers in our conscience… between the tick and the tock of the cuckoo… where there are no lines drawn tween what is lucid and what is madness… can never be lost nor found… only perceived by those who dare…
      Thank you for daring…


  2. I think if any one dared to go within another’s mind they would be shocked to find many a dark shadow and creatures lurking in dark corners ready to pounce the moment our guard was let down..
    Having fought my own demons, I so know this jungle of tangled terrain where by one after one those vines reach out to drag at our ankles to pull us down into the muddy mire of the pit we are endlessly trying to escape from..
    So yes.. I dare enter.. For it is only by entering our shadowland that we can cut the cords, that continually drag at our feet.. We then use them to haul ourselves up to the tree tops to breathe in the light of Day, as we we allow the warm of Light to seep into our bones and hearts as we bask in the light at the top of the canopy as we then see, that after the every storm, it is only then that the rainbows appear..

    Love and Blessings Michael. A wonderfully written poem my friend
    Sue 🙂

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    • And doesn’t that light feel so good when it does manage to seep into our bones and our hearts? I have found my way to the light, although there always seems to be more pathways that I may follow into hues more brilliant… more enlightening than where I now stand. Luckily… I have befriended those creatures that wander my mind in the dark corners… along the outer edges… and in this moment I am at peace with in that light…

      I’m not sure if you have read that post or not… but you most likely will enjoy what lingers between the lines…

      I’ve so enjoyed our interactions today Sue… Thank you so very much sharing your enlightenment…

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