It Must Have Been April

It Must Have Been April 2

It Must Have Been April

I think it was April
When I felt the last touch
The year becomes faded
But the pain….. not so much

I think it was springtime
In a soft gentle rain
Warm breeze on the hillside
Yet cold filled my veins

I saw beauty springing
In the morning’s soft glow
A sparrow conversing
With a chattering crow

On branches of willows
The carols of dove
A chickadee singing
A song for his love

It must have been April
With unbroken chains
But the year becomes faded
In the soft gentle rain


Copyright 2017


8 thoughts on “It Must Have Been April

    • You are so right Audrey Dawn… …”knowing it happened and remembering how it felt becomes all that matters”… and when you remember… it can always be springtime in the soft gentle rain.

      You may lay among the paintings roughly sketched within my words
      but hues adorn the artists brush from light that you have stirred

      You know I couldn’t resist that one. As you know though…
      sometimes my word pictures hang on the wall a bit crooked…
      and sometimes that is exactly how they belong.

      Have a beautiful day, Audrey Dawn… thanks for wandering in my scrawls…


  1. There is indeed something about April. It is a time when life has picked up, be it seasonal or work… perhaps wanting to leave the old self behind, and sometimes we can’t catch up.

    This resonated in a way. Something felt that makes me think.

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    • Good morning Adam and thank you so very much for taking the time to let me know that these words resonated within you. April is indeed the time of new beginnings… of new life… of knowing that yesterday has come and gone and cannot be changed… but the springtime offers new hope… new visions of what may come… and beautiful hues to color the petals of those who are ready to bloom… That is April.

      Good to hear from you… Thanks for brightening my day once again.

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  2. There is something about Spring that awakens our souls Michael and the ‘soft glow’ of morning kissed by the gentle rain indeed captures a corner of our hearts to be remembered all year.
    A beautiful poem my friend.
    And I hope you are finding warmth in summer days that have taken away the chill in your veins as I continue to send you my thoughts and well wishes Michael.
    Love and Blessings my friend
    Sue 🙂

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