The Empty Room

Tunnel cat 1 A

The Empty Room

Like sitting in an empty room… Alone
Fragments of imagination
Confused in segments of time
No words to lift the eyes from the floor
Nor rhymes upon the wall
The mind of the poet in scattered runes
No heart to pen the scrawl

Yet light shines through the crystal pane
The touch of rainbow hues
Prisms formed from dawn’s first blush
Reflections from the dew
Are miracles born in morning’s light
Does hope arrive with dawn
Are answers borne in morning’s mist
Before the lines are drawn

The candle’s light is growing dim
Yet shadows wash the wall
Dancing soft in silent rooms
Like spirits down the hall
When lanterns dim, no whispers hush
Illusions on the ceiling
Do voices call me to the “Light”
Or offer me their healing

The silence stirs the empty room
Like wind upon the willow
Crumpled quilts on beggared berth
No face upon the pillow
Fragments of imagination
Lost in grains of time
But love that bides within the soul
Still lingers in the rhyme



Copyright 2017


7 thoughts on “The Empty Room

    • Thank you so much Nathalie… It is wonderful to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I know from your writing that you have also dwelled within that very place… “where silence stirs the empty room like wind upon the willow”… so I am very honored that you found this to be ‘beautiful’. Thank you for wandering through and brightening my day.
      Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments… with loving rhymes upon the walls…


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