Echoes of Silence

Echoes of Silence 1

Echoes of Silence

Perhaps he has indeed gone mad
Though sanity just made him sad
His gaze gets lost in colors born
With blush of dawn in early morn

Though sense he cannot make of breath
Yet lingers not in mortal death
For he has wandered far beyond
Where marrow sips from earthly ponds

His silence echoes through the room
Musing fields of lilac blooms
He dreams of runes upon the wall
In rhymes of love he often scrawled

Perhaps he hasn’t gone insane
Wandering thoughts just rearranged
Perhaps he lingers worlds unknown…
Perhaps his soul’s already flown




2 thoughts on “Echoes of Silence

  1. Such a beautiful Poem Michael, One that I missed when it was posted.. Silence is sometimes needed, when we need to gather in our inner strength. And being Silent, does not mean we are alone.. In fact, when I am silent, I feel more connected to the ALL of Everything than if I were in a crowded room.. I do not like crowds.. lol 🙂

    Those worlds unknown Michael, have always surrounded us. melting into us, just waiting for us to find those silent moments of reflection, when we dig deeper to the core of our hearts, as we ponder upon our Earth Journey that has taken us over perhaps some rough terrain.

    But in our Journeying, we grow, and find that no path we took was a wrong one.. It only served to strengthen us even further.. And when that Silence beckons, We find not Silence at all, But a symphony of Melodies that play out in harmonies so sweet to our inner ears, we wish never to return..

    I am sending you my thanks Michael, for the beautiful music you play within each and every poem you write.. Your understanding of Harmony, Peace and love have left deep peaceful moments within my heart as I have had the pleasure in reading your words..

    I hope as you travel the world of Silent thought for a time Michae, That you do so knowing you have touched many hearts with your rhymes and I hope you hear the echoes of many hearts in gratitude for the love and Grace in which they were written..

    Many thanks Michael for taking the time to visit today and leave your message on my Post, Trusting in the Choices we Make..
    I wish you well in all of your choices, and Trust that they be the right ones you know in your heart are right for you..
    Sending Love and Blessings my friend as I continue to send healing thoughts along the matrix of vibration that I know will reach you..

    Sue 💙💜💙💜


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