Hidden Wings

Hidden Wings 2

Pen and Ink by Claire Worden

Hidden Wings

I saw them huddled in the shadows…
Shadows of their own
Crawling up the cobblestones
Reaching for a way out…
It was December
The sunshine a worthless burden
In the freezing cold
Hampering their attempt to hide
From a place where hope
Is seldom found…
Where escaping the cold
Has become no more
Than a distant dream…

I saw the ice along the sidewalk
Too cold to allow
A single drop of water
To melt along the curb…
Wind too bitter
To stop their eyes
From shedding tears
Upon their torn and tattered clothes…
An occasional soul passing by
Making sure to look away…
As if catching a glimpse of hell
From the corner of their eye…
And perhaps they were…

I saw a stranger across the street
Dancing with his shadow
Sipping from a bottle
Wrapped tightly
In a brown paper bag
Sometimes flapping his arms
Like they were wings…
The snow began to fall
Flakes that shine like diamonds
Gathering quickly upon the sidewalk
Only moments fore
The nightfall hides the sin

I saw the stranger stop and stare
At the couple huddled
Trembling in the darkness…
In the cold…
He crossed the street
And walked up to the doorway
Of the abandoned building
Where they crouched with arms embraced
To find some warmth…
He removed his coat and placed it
Round their lost and lonely hearts
Telling them he’d be back
With something warm…
They smiled and thanked him dearly
With their eyes
Too cold to even speak a single word…
But they’d heard those words before
Just empty promise…
And never thought the stranger
Would return

I saw a group of people walking briskly…
The stranger leading way
To the place he’d spread his wings…
They wrapped the freezing pair
In tattered blankets
And walked with them
Down streets of heartless souls…
They carried them
Into their hidden village
A darkened alleyway
For those misplaced
Where warming fire and bits of food
Were shared with all
With grace…

I guess you never know
Where you’ll find angels
Perhaps they linger not in perfect view
For angels often hide their wings
Behind brown paper bags
And dance with shadows
Clad in tattered shoes



6 thoughts on “Hidden Wings

  1. Your imagery is powerful here Michael. I doubt that I have felt the cold to feel it the way you describe it. I think it is that kind of empathy and compassion that can make the world a better place. Thank you for helping me see and feel through your words.😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This so touched me Micheal.. an outstanding piece of poetry my friend.. And I had missed it earlier so I am so pleased your directed me to it..
    Many thanks for your heart… It reaches out in compassion to so many.. ❤ xx Sue


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