What If?

What If 2

This poem is not posted in celebration of thanksgiving.  I’m not much into holidays.  I am not sitting here celebrating a pilgrim.  I hope that everyone who reads this post is celebrating a bountiful harvest… enjoying good food… sharing love and laughter with those for whom you care.  I do ask that following these days of celebration… you share your own bountiful harvest… your love and your laughter… with those less fortunate.  That would bring the true meaning of thanksgiving into their life… and into yours.

I am very thankful to be fortunate enough to know what love is…
and very thankful that I still have the ability…
and the audacity… to write silly poetry.
Thank you for sharing your smile with another…

What If

So what if they never get said
Those peculiar thoughts that wander my head
So what if they never get said

I thought them once or twice or thrice
The weirdest of things of my own device
But still I thunk them… once or twice

Just once my thoughts were slightly crude
Hypnotic erotic psychotically skewed
But only once my thoughts were lewd

So what if they never get said
They’re scribbled and dribbled and riddled instead
So what if they never get said

If I did spake them quite outloud
Blameless and shameless and brainless and proud
Twas only once… amongst a crowd

I tend to blurt and spurt the spice
Musing or boozing confusing my vice
But now I sip just once… or thrice

So what if they never get said
Pathetic poetic mystique in my head
So what if they never get said


Autumn 1



6 thoughts on “What If?

    • My purpose for writing has been achieved if I brought a smile to your face. I know my sense of humor is… well… ummm… un-normal… I’m so glad you have enjoyed it… but then… we already know that you are one of the un-normal ones as well.


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