Painters of Poets

Painters of Poets

Painters of Poets

Painters of Poets

Lost in a world
Of words
Of rhymes
Verses bastilled in his mind
Thoughts on the canvas
Of love
Of life
Lost in the portrait unsigned

For who is the poet
With parchment
With pen
In lines with a silver strand
And who is the painter
With palette
With grace
A trace of the artist’s hand

So, who must they be
These painters of poets
Who capture one moment in time
To look past the veil
And touch all that’s frail
Painting the poet unrhymed




14 thoughts on “Painters of Poets

    • Thank you Sue. My apology for taking so long to reply, but you know that I usually procrastinate on my replies until I am enjoying better days. Thank you for your wishes and healing… I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I’m hoping to do some major catching up on your posts this week… I need the enlightenment.
      Have a most beautiful day Sue… and thank you for your continued healing light and blessings. You have brightened many a day for me and I am most honored and humbled to feel your presence near by.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Michael dear friend, please never worry, I so understand the effort it takes, so never worry about replies,
        I have not been visiting as much on WP recently as my 2018 intentions are to create, paint, and put my poetry in order. A task bigger than I imagined given the amount I have written over the years..
        Just reply when you feel up to it and not before..
        Take care and you are always held within my healing prayers Michael xx


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