In Timeless Breath

In Timeless Breath 2

In Timeless Breath

He walked on clouds before the dawn
Before the sparrow’s morning yawn
While shadows wait their virgin birth
And mortals search for peace on Earth

He climbed the oaks where cougar prowl
To hear the haunting panther’s howl
When moonlight shadows cross the ground
The mortal breath… dare make a sound

He wandered pathways lined in thorn
Where fate had failed what love adorned
As shadows passed through mystic hush
Immortal hues from lovers blush

He soared above the crimson light
Where nothing rhymed in black and white
No shadows shade the fated pen
No guilt, no hate, no mortal sin

He traveled life upon this earth
Till life is death… and death is birth
Penned from shadowed thoughts of wonder
In timeless breath… from distant thunder



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