Flowers Seldom Bloom In Black and White

In Black and White

Flowers Seldom Bloom
In Black and White

After page
After page
Of crap
Worthless words of wisdom
From an idiot –
Delusional ideas of grandeur
That wilt upon the parchment
In nothing more
Than wasted time and tears…
Why write it down
When no one really
Reads in shades
Beyond the black and white
And no one dares to linger
Tween the lines

Life just seems to dwell
With verses veiled –
Where flowers seldom
Bloom in hues
Of only black and white
And worthless words of wisdom
Write the rhyme

Poets hide their love
Their life
In page
After page
Of crap
In files most likely
No one else will read
But it’s never wasted time
When life is lived
Between the lines
Where love can glow
In words
That never rhyme

The worthless words of wisdom
From an idiot –
The crumpled parchment
Stained by silent tears
Often brings reflected light
Of love
Of life
In rhyme
In a cadence
No one else may understand –
But when someone dares to linger
In the secrets tween the lines
They know that love
Is never… wasted time


7 thoughts on “Flowers Seldom Bloom In Black and White

    • Thank you Jen. Though sometimes we may wonder in the moment or even after… it is never wasted time. Love to hear you found meaning in my words. Thank you taking the time to brighten my day.

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  1. No words are ever worthless. No Time is ever wasted. When we write from the heart things only WE need to hear..
    I have not been on my travels in WP as often Michael as I needed time to reflect within my own inner Sanctuary for a time.. But I am emerging once again to venture out and read others words, Words that mean a lot to me.
    Your words Michael never fall on deaf ears. They fill hearts with tears, and with Love.. What more could a poet ask..
    And if you have but touched a handful my friend..
    Your Words have done what they were meant to. One heart to another heart, reaching out in Truth and Passion of ones feelings..
    Never ever think your words are worthless.. They are very precious to all who come by to read and who take them into their hearts to heal.

    Love and Blessings my friend.. Sending constant healing vibes your way..
    Sue x

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    • My…. You have been a very busy lady this morning Sue. I was thrilled to sit down with my first cup of coffee and find your beautifully inspiring words awaiting me. My morning has been brightened magnificently by your kindness. I have missed you. I’m glad you have emerged from your inner Sanctuary but know that you and I both find ourselves in need of the quietude of the inner Sanctuary quite often. If I didn’t spend time there, there would be no words on these pages.

      So happy you dropped by to visit while I enjoy my morning coffee. I’ll be wishing you a most beautiful day.

      Love and Blessings to you also.

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      • Exactly Michael, We both need our solitude and our time in Nature to be with our Higher Selves, the ones who bring us the words that we need to hear.. 😀 Lovely to connect with you today my friend..
        Know you are still in my healing book and I often light a candle and say prayers for all whose names are in there..
        Sending continued love and Blessings your way my friend..
        Have a peaceful weekend. ❤


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