Resonance 1


It fell
Out of your mind
Into poetry
Like so many
Vestal verses
Left unsaid…
Pushed out
On the edge
Where it lingers
Near the ledge
Neath the tintinnabulation
In your head

You may stash it
Neath the stones
Or in the closet
With the bones
Or inside burlap sacks
Beneath the floor…
Till someone
Shines a light
Into your hidden
Secret site
Where no one else
Has cared
Or dared explore

It fell
Onto the page
On the blank white
Paper stage
Yet no one hears
The sound
If left unsaid…
Yet echoes
Cannot hide
From vestal versus
Kept inside
Neath the tintinnabulation
In your head


8 thoughts on “Resonance

  1. tintinnabulation okay I’ll admit I had to look this up. You always have a wonderful way of using words. Excellent word choice. I’ve learned a new word today. Beautiful photo art Michael. Lovely ripples,πŸ¦‹πŸ’œπŸ™πŸΌ

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  3. I absolutely love this one!! I think Simon and Garfunkel should make a song out of it. Can’t ya just hear em now?… or maybe that’s just the tentennabulation


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