Little Black Book

Black book 16

The following post contains a couple of words that some may find offensive.  If you are offended by such words… please… stop here and read no further.  I hope you will take the time to wander this site and enjoy other posts that do not contain such words and I thank you for dropping by.  I feel that the words used in this writing are appropriate for the subject matter and to best express the contents, circumstances and emotions of this particular…

“Little Black Book”

It was just a little black book
………with names………..
Not real ones of course –
But names in code
For those who understood
The fucking rhyme –
Those who felt the pain
That she had bled
Between the lines
Those who held her hands
When they were shaking

It was just a little black book
………with names………..
Real ones of course –
For no code could hide
Their rude
Never caring ‘bout the shit
They always piled
Upon her soul
Nor when they turned their backs
When ere she cried
Crumpled pictures of their faces
Pasted in between the lines
To remind her of the verses
They erased

It was just a little black book
……..with names…….
Fictitious of course –
Like the words they spewed
While pretending they cared
Stabbing her soul
From behind
Scribbled in crimson
Their own fucking poems
In self-righteous verses


The little black book
Pages ripped
From its perfect bound spine
In dew covered grass
Its cover stained
With tears
And crimson
In a pile of
Green colored glass

The smell of whiskey
From mid-chapter one
An orchid pressed flat
Near the end
Found in the grass
Near a crystalline stone
Neath the White River bridge
Past the bend

A little black book
Of life
Of love
A misunderstanding
A plea…
Scribbled in runes
Her thoughts of escape
Left open……………….
To page 33…



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