The Blind Man

The Blind Man 15E

The Blind Man

He’s always been there
Locked inside my head
The blind man
Bound and gagged
From words unsaid
The poet speaking truth in verse
From deep beneath the shadows
Often finds the rhyme
Best left for dead

He’s always been there
Trapped inside my mind
The deaf man
Singing songs
In village sign
The poet’s lyrics bound in truth
From deep inside the silence
Often find the secrets

He’s always been there
Lost inside my words
The muted man
With voice
That’s never heard
The poet writing rhymes of truth
From deep beneath the whispers
Often finds the voices
Barely stirred

He’s always been there
Deep in life’s embrace
The blind man
Bound and gagged
By mortal grace
The poet’s marrow clothed in truth
From yon the weaver’s loom
Often finds the Light
Beneath the lace



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