Even Angels

Even Angels 2

She stood in silence
Beneath the sweet gum
Struggling to keep
Her swollen eyes
Wide open –
The sound of cathedral bells
Drifting softly
Through morning’s breeze
Though she could not
Find her way
Beyond the shadows…
Afraid to cross the street
While dawn awakens
Fear of something
No one knew
Had lingered in her mind
Something no one knew
That veiled her soul…
She seldom spoke
Of life
Beyond the moment
Nor shared what visions
Hide behind her eyes
Though some had seen
Into her light
She tried to keep inside
But then they shed the tears
She never shared

You’ll see her on the sidewalk
Walking close against the stone
Never leaving shadows
Lest the ravens
Call her home

She may look quite familiar
For she’s often held your hand
When hour glass has emptied
And your hope runs out of sand

So watch for her in shadows
Down the alley
Wet and cold
For sometimes even angels
Need a caring hand to hold


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