Whispers of Raindrops

Whispers of Raindrops 1

I stood in the middle
Of my confusion
Lifting my face to the sky
While whispers of raindrops
Caressed my thirsty skin…

Words of your own sagacity
Linger deep within my soul
Speaking louder than paltry fables
Poured into the pool
From which we sip…

Yet you dwell in other worlds
Whispering truths
Far beyond my intellection
With every single drop of rain
Musing dreams
In the hush
Beyond the tempest…

I stood calm amidst the chaos
Penning love and understanding
While others stood blindly
In the fire –
In their own pretention…

I reached for them with rhymes
Of which you speak
Yet what I saw
Were fisted hands
Of those who could not see –
Those who could not feel
Beyond their own
Sallowed skin –
Those who turned
And walked away
By the echoes
Of silence…

I stood in the middle
Of my confusion
While whispers of raindrops
Fell softly from my face
To the parchment
In fractured ink
Now etched
In blurred mystic hues

I knew your words
Your rhymes
Could never pull them
From the fire –
Never show them
The musing of dreams
In the hush –
Never help them
All that is beautiful
In the silence

I will always write the words
The rhymes
Of which you speak – 
Share the musings
Of my dreams – 
Stand in the rain
With my face to the sky
And know
That someday –
Those who could not see
Those who could not feel
Those who were frightened
By the echoes of silence –
Will stand in the rain
With their face to the sky
And in
Solitary moment –
Hear the
Whisper of a raindrop


6 thoughts on “Whispers of Raindrops

    • Good morning and thank you so much Joseph. Isn’t it amazing what can be found within the silence… a most beautiful soulmate to have. I am indeed enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning. Any day I can rise, make my way to the coffee pot and find words that brighten my day like yours… is indeed a most beautiful day. Thank you… and I hope yours is just as beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

      • As are your words which is a good start to my day. There is so much in silence and it is not chaotic for me. I am pleased you are enjoying your Sunday and I acknowledge that at times it must be difficult for you. Sending you comfort and love.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That is beautiful Michael, wonderful to come across your poem today, I hope all is as well as can be with you my friend..
    May you continue to feel the rain, and know the silent comfort of their whispers.. ❤


  2. These words come together to sing lesson on things we choose not to feel our see because they are too painful. Even the memory of them will scorch our souls. I love this and how you used such imagery to show how to break through fear. It’s beautiful.


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