Bottles of Wine

Bottles of Wine

Photograph by Amy Watson

Bottles of Wine

Poetry always gives birth to a story
Of life
Of love
And sometimes of glory
Yet the soul often lingers
In truths tween the lines
Neath shadows of moonlight
And bottles of wine

What if the poet just laid it all out
The tears
The sorrow
Truths scattered about
Readers are left without reason to wonder
They’d just feel the pain
The sorrow
The thunder

Perhaps it is best to hide tween the lines
The hunger
The thirst
Kept safe neath the rhyme
Certainly, one day they’ll fall off the vine
Neath shadows of moonlight
And bottles of wine


11 thoughts on “Bottles of Wine

    • Thank you so very much Sue. Obviously your thoughts, your healing, your light is touching me exactly as they should. After all… I’m still around to enjoy our interaction. Thank you so much for dropping by and for always shining your light on me.
      Hope your day is most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Happy to always send a ray of light your way Michael.. It is not I… But You who can heal from within….. It comes from within you.. Love and Blessings my friend… Always sending love and healing..


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