Growing Old

Young and Old Me 2

Growing Old

I guess that I really don’t understand
What happened to the clowns and the marching bands
The rain on my face on a bicycle ride
Believing that dreams never lied

I guess that I’ve always wondered bout time
Where it was wasted and where it all rhymed
I never did listen to ticks or to tocks
While flying my big cardboard box

I guess that I really don’t understand age
Still hiding tween lines of rhymes on the page
I guess I don’t know when it got out of hand
Lost with the clowns
                   And the marching bands


3 thoughts on “Growing Old

  1. Did anything truly get out of hand, Michael? Or might some of our perceptions be colored by the lenses through which we view our personal circumstances and the world? Your words resonate with me, personally. As did your choosing GAI’s cover in another post. Your plight and GAI’s words affected me to such a degree that I chose to include it in my most recent post. What I wanted to learn was people’s reaction to needing/wanting to be remembered because I believe we all want to be remembered. After all, the opposite of being remembered is to be forgotten. And seriously, do any of us want that? Your posts/stories are gut real. And I applaud you for being as vulnerable as you are on WP.


  2. What is age, but wisdom of years
    What is wisdom, if not by shedding a few tears
    What are tears, if not mixed up in laughter
    And what is laughter if not understanding sorrow
    And what is sorrow, if not experiencing Joy
    And what is Joy if not understanding Happiness
    And what is Happiness if not growing in age
    And what is Age, if not being wise enough to Live
    And what is Life.. were it to be cut short..
    So Growing old…. is a gift.. if we pass on our wisdom of age
    Maybe others would not waste their youth..

    Something that just came to me as I typed my response.. ( in the moment )… The Moment is the only time we LIVE..
    Sending continued thoughts Michael..
    Love and Blessings ❤


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