The Fable

The Fable smoke 1

The Fable

He left them there
On her favorite table
Along with a note
A story
A fable

She sat on the sofa
Just watching TV
Sipped on her coffee
Her whiskey
Her tea

The flowers were wilting
In the old Mason jar
And time was not healing
The bruises
The scars

She closed all the curtains
To hide neath her skin
Not finding forgiveness
Without or

She pulled up the blanket
To hide from the chill
Reached for the bottle
Her treasures
Her pills

Many will see her
Neath bright morning stars
Searching for credence
On sidewalks
In bars

Her story still echoes
In time after time
On faded brick walls
On parchment
In rhyme

Others will follow
Tis always the season
Searching for freedom
For stillness
For reason

The flowers have wilted
Her life just surreal
Reaching for something
To savor
To heal

The bottles lie empty
Her truth on the table
The note crumpled softly
Her story –
A fable

I realize that this is not the type of poetry one expects or wants to read during the holiday season… but the holidays are often the very time when those who are lonely… those who are troubled by life, by love, by sadness… are searching for hope.  Sometimes it takes nothing more than a meaningful hug… a call from a friend… a smile from a stranger to light a candle inside the darkness of another.  Please… reach out your hand to them whenever and wherever you can… they are everywhere… searching.  They may be standing very near to you in this very moment.  Let your light shine brightly for one who has lost their way.  Share your candle with another… you’ll be amazed how brightly the flame will glow.

Wishing you a most beautiful holiday season…


6 thoughts on “The Fable

  1. A mind crunching poem to make one reflect and yes there is a lot of people alone during the holidays and they deal with it the best they can. When my partner was alive we invited people that had nowhere to go. At the moment I am unable to do so but I am confident that in the future I will. Happy Holidays Micheal and all the best to you.

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    • Thank you so very much Joseph. I know that you can certainly relate to sadness in the holiday season, but please know that you are in my thoughts and wishes for happiness, wellness. and strength… far more than you realize.

      Happy Holidays to you as well, Joseph… and thank you for brightening so many of my days.


      • You’re welcome Micheal. I certainly enjoy your poetry and your rhyming poems are par to none. Thank you for your compliments and your concern. I have held you in a sacred space within myself. I meditate by candlelight and incense and send you relief and comfort. You have been through a lot and your courage against adversity is admirable. You leave me in awe with your poetry and most are feel good poetry while the others make you think and reflect. Again happy holidays

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