Crossing Lines

crossing lines

Crossing Lines 

It’s certainly not that the rhyme is gone
I still feel poetry in the hues of dawn
But pain has a way of crossing lines
Where mind and body intertwine

Singing the lyrics of forgotten songs
Searching for melodies… right or wrong
Never graced parchment with brilliance of light
No matter the poet… no matter the plight


I suppose this is another one of those poems that speaks truth about the poet.  I must admit… I have not been able to post much as of late due to circumstances far beyond my control.  I am very thankful for those of you who have continued to support my attempts at poetry… even when factors enter that change much of the subject matter.

I have preferred to keep my Hope33 site (a journal of my journey through hell)… and this site as separate entities of one another, but if for some strange reason you would like to know what is going on in my life at this particular moment… you are welcome to visit “The Report” and subsequent posts if you dare to do so.  If you’d rather not…  believe me… I completely understand.  Either way… I am honored and humbled by all of you who continue to support this site and the blathering I often leave here to linger.

I will continue to post as often as I am able… and of course… I am very ‘hope’- full that all will work out as I imagine and I will be back on a more regular basis to torment you with my… perhaps… somewhat peculiar poetry.  In fact… there may be moments when I become even more inspired because of those very ‘circumstances beyond my control’.

Wishing you a most beautiful day


4 thoughts on “Crossing Lines

  1. I felt your words Michael, indeed pain has a way of crossing lines.. and not knowing when to stop..
    Know my thoughts are with you, Sending Love and well wishes, healing and love as you begin another year.. Much Love.. Sue 🙂


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