Shadows in Her Eyes

Painting 1

Painting by Betty Sanders


Shadows in Her Eyes

She opened up the window leaning arms upon the sill
Gazing down the street for what’s been lost
Twilight of the morning only shadows in her eyes
From dreams she left behind on roads she’s crossed

The rain had come and gone before the blush of dawn’s first light
Drops of endless thirst left on the vine
Footprints neath the window leading cross the rusted rails
From hearts with tattered strings that intertwine

Weathered wood… the shotgun house… ravages of time
Pearls of dew on lilacs near the door
She learned to leave to destiny the rhymes she could not change
But kept her secrets safe beneath the drawer

Never did her passion let her lose her faith in love
Never did she rue the star crossed child
Never did one fail to ask if life had done her wrong
But she’d just turn her head… and softly smile


One thought on “Shadows in Her Eyes

  1. Touching and very beautiful with so many great lines. Some very breathtaking.
    This was my favorite one of all…..Twilight of the morning only shadows in her eyes.
    It was so perfectly expressed. Bravo.


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