In a Sealed Envelope

Envelope 2

Due to circumstances far, far beyond my control, I have not been in the proper frame of mind to write anything poetic of value that I would want to even consider sharing with my faithful followers and readers.  So… I am posting a poem that I wrote some time back that perfectly fits my mental state of being.  If you are curious as to ‘why’ my current state of mind is in a bit of confusion… you may visit the latest couple of posts on

“The Vision of Hope33”

In a Sealed Envelope

The colors don’t blend
When the willow can’t bend
While bluebells are bowing their heads
The words cannot rhyme
With it all out of time
When blood has already been shed

The ‘vision of hope’
In a sealed envelope
Where fate hides its face neath the fold
In destiny’s light
Of what’s wrong and what’s right
Left standing outside in the cold


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