One of Life’s Fables

Chicken Wire One of Life's Fables

One of Life’s Fables


So there’s one bad word in this post…
So that one bad word appears three times in this post…
If you’re offended by one bad word repeated three times…
Then don’t read this post!


One of Life’s Fables

It’s just the chicken wire…
That’s all that keeps us
Trapped inside the barnyard
Walking through the shit…
The last time you found a hole
In the fence –
How did you feel?
Yet… exhilaratingly free?
We all get tired of
The pigs
And the goats
The cows
And the horses
The sheep
And especially
The shepherds
Prodding us along
To pastures
No longer green –
And yet…
We remain
Trapped inside the barnyard
Walking through the shit
Afraid to face what awaits us
……….Beyond the chicken wire

So stand on the weather vane and crow
Paw at the ground and bite at the bit
Unless you can cackle your way yon the wire
You’ll always be walking through shit


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