Writing Rhymes

Writing Rhymes 3

Writing Rhymes

He never liked to sleep alone
Nor share his thoughts on the telephone
Though solitude held cherished times
He sat in darkness writing rhymes

He liked soft rain upon his face
One step beyond all time and space
Cross frosted fields his diamonds glowed
Lost in dreams ’long lonesome roads

He never liked a crowded floor
Excuses made for starting war
Those of silence neath the flame
When those of shame just pass the blame

He loved the morning hues of dawn
One step beyond where lines were drawn
He loved when shadows danced in mime
While he sat in darkness writing rhymes


3 thoughts on “Writing Rhymes

  1. AWW I know this is true for sure Michael. I think the darkness is comforting a lot of the time. Love how you hid the 33 on the jar in your photo. I always look for it! Hugs on your Sunday and everyday. 🦋 ❤


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