Knowing One from the Other

Knowing One from the Other framed

Due to circumstances that I would prefer not to discuss on this blog (though many of you are aware of those circumstances by reading my other blog) I have not written anything as of late that I would consider worthy of posting.  I hope to return to writing poetry of at least some value very soon.  Until that time… please enjoy a post from the past that I am sure many of you have not read before and those of you who have… I hope will enjoy once again.

Knowing One from the Other

I am stumbling in between them…
All that is beautiful in the world
And the depths of my insanity…
Enchanted by my own ignorance
Of not knowing one from the other…
Confused as to which one
Breathes the reality of my being
And the one embroidering
The beauty within my mind…

Do the fields of lavender
Swaying with the gentle breeze
Possess more beauty
Than the hues of indigo
Surrounding the sadness of a broken heart…
Do the rhymes of the greatest poets
Fulfill my longing more completely
Than the ancient runes
That echo in my head
From the voices
That no one else can hear…

Perhaps reality does not exist…
Except for what dwells
Within our own darkness
Lingering in the thoughts
That no one else can touch…
The truths that no one else dare to wonder…
Wandering amongst the creatures
Who shadow our perception
Of what is real…

For none of us would be who we are
Without the shadows that prowl our minds…
The one’s we share with no one…
The one’s that no one dare
Look deep enough inside our souls
To awaken…
For no one possesses the audacity to
Tempt the creatures of another…
Unless, of course…
They too are standing in the middle
Of what is beautiful
And the depths of their own insanity…
Enchanted by their own ignorance
Of not knowing –
One from the other…


One thought on “Knowing One from the Other

  1. We all have our shadow work to do Michael, its a hard part of our awakening process. But once we have dug deep within, and finally find the light buried within our hearts, we then begin our journey back through the shadows into the light of love and loving ourselves..
    Beauty is held within each of us, all we have to do is search for it and throw out the garbage we have carried within for far too long..
    Sending well wishes Michael you are always in my healing prayers 💙💚💜


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