Mysteries of the Mind

Mysteries of the mind 1

Suicide is a horrible and tragic experience for many people.  Everyone who knows and cares about the one who commits suicide, instantly becomes a victim.  It hurts everyone around them and affects each and every one of us in a different way.  Yet… we all can’t help but ask the one question that no one ever really seems to have an answer for…. Why?

Sometimes the signs are so subtle that even those closest to them don’t sense what they are feeling.  Most often, suicide is a complete shock to those who care.  We just don’t understand how someone can destroy their own life and at the same time, profoundly affect the many lives of those who surround them.  What is so passionately dancing inside their head that would make them feel that there was no other resolution? 

The mind is a mystery and there are things that wander there that no one will ever be able to fully explain.  Hug those close to you… be sure they know how much you care.

Mysteries of the Mind

I saw the bus coming
Two blocks down the road
My mind full of clutter
About to explode

All stop lights were green
It soon would race by
Me on the curb
The bus on the fly

I thought I could step
Right into the lane
No way could it stop
In the cold pouring rain

Just a sad accident
The news man would say
The old man just fell
On this gray rainy day

But I couldn’t help thinking
Bout the girl hind the wheel
What it would do to her
How she would heal

Perhaps she’s a mother
A daughter a wife
And how it would touch her
And change her whole life

Perhaps I’ll think twice
And take a step back
Consider the fallout
Fore all things go black

But the mind is a mystery
Blind in the pain
And those who know anguish
Get caught in the chain

I felt my foot sliding
From the curb to the lane
I felt the blood surging
Through the heart of my veins

I looked in the eyes
Of a soul in the wind
And felt immortality
Borne to ascend

I watched as the crowd
Had gathered to stare
Not one of the strangers
Even offered a prayer

I’m sorry for changing
The life of another
A daughter, a wife
An angel, a mother

But the mind is a mystery
Veiled by the pain
And thoughts can get twisted
In the cold pouring rain


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

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