Even Angels

Even Angels 2

She stood in silence
Beneath the sweet gum
Struggling to keep
Her swollen eyes
Wide open –
The sound of cathedral bells
Drifting softly
Through morning’s breeze
Though she could not
Find her way
Beyond the shadows…
Afraid to cross the street
While dawn awakens
Fear of something
No one knew
Had lingered in her mind
Something no one knew
That veiled her soul…
She seldom spoke
Of life
Beyond the moment
Nor shared what visions
Hide behind her eyes
Though some had seen
Into her light
She tried to keep inside
But then they shed the tears
She never shared

You’ll see her on the sidewalk
Walking close against the stone
Never leaving shadows
Lest the ravens
Call her home

She may look quite familiar
For she’s often held your hand
When hour glass has emptied
And your hope runs out of sand

So watch for her in shadows
Down the alley
Wet and cold
For sometimes even angels
Need a caring hand to hold


Hidden Wings

Hidden Wings 2

Pen and Ink by Claire Worden

Hidden Wings

I saw them huddled in the shadows…
Shadows of their own
Crawling up the cobblestones
Reaching for a way out…
It was December
The sunshine a worthless burden
In the freezing cold
Hampering their attempt to hide
From a place where hope
Is seldom found…
Where escaping the cold
Has become no more
Than a distant dream…

I saw the ice along the sidewalk
Too cold to allow
A single drop of water
To melt along the curb…
Wind too bitter
To stop their eyes
From shedding tears
Upon their torn and tattered clothes…
An occasional soul passing by
Making sure to look away…
As if catching a glimpse of hell
From the corner of their eye…
And perhaps they were…

I saw a stranger across the street
Dancing with his shadow
Sipping from a bottle
Wrapped tightly
In a brown paper bag
Sometimes flapping his arms
Like they were wings…
The snow began to fall
Flakes that shine like diamonds
Gathering quickly upon the sidewalk
Only moments fore
The nightfall hides the sin

I saw the stranger stop and stare
At the couple huddled
Trembling in the darkness…
In the cold…
He crossed the street
And walked up to the doorway
Of the abandoned building
Where they crouched with arms embraced
To find some warmth…
He removed his coat and placed it
Round their lost and lonely hearts
Telling them he’d be back
With something warm…
They smiled and thanked him dearly
With their eyes
Too cold to even speak a single word…
But they’d heard those words before
Just empty promise…
And never thought the stranger
Would return

I saw a group of people walking briskly…
The stranger leading way
To the place he’d spread his wings…
They wrapped the freezing pair
In tattered blankets
And walked with them
Down streets of heartless souls…
They carried them
Into their hidden village
A darkened alleyway
For those misplaced
Where warming fire and bits of food
Were shared with all
With grace…

I guess you never know
Where you’ll find angels
Perhaps they linger not in perfect view
For angels often hide their wings
Behind brown paper bags
And dance with shadows
Clad in tattered shoes



Standing in Silence


Standing in Silence

When I flew as an eagle flies
I hovered above you
Like Orion in the crisp night sky…
Watching over you in your humanness
With the pretentiousness of believing
I could protect you in the darkness
Like the Angels that linger near to you
While you are sleeping…
Yet, I was but an eagle
Soaring through the sky
Rising to great heights in my courage and strength
While barren of the wisdom of the owl
Within the darkness…
I lost sight of you as
You wandered in and out of the shadows
My wings bound by my pervading disquietude
Of flight without vision…
I could only stand in my silence
And await the dawn
With only the hope that those with sight
Where Cimmerians dwell
Would reach for you
With their light in the darkness…

When I roamed as a panther
In the darkness of the deep forest
I could watch you from timber’s edge
As you wandered beyond the twilight
Into shadows of ebon…
Protecting you from creatures
That slither into midnight
In search of one of innocence…
Yet I still could not
Provide sanctuary for your heart
From those who could
Walk upon the clouds…

I journeyed to the teachers
In search of wings
And found them in the soul
Of the seven sisters…
I lingered there
With those of antecedence
Where wisdom filled my soul
With that of truth…

And now…
As I wander this earthly plane
In my humanness…
No longer possessing
Vision within the darkness
Nor the ability to soar
Upon the wings of the eagle…
I find that I can hold you in my arms…
Feel your heart against mine…
And love you…

As you wander this earthly plane
In your humanness…
In and out of the shadows of ebon…
Walking upon billowed clouds
Or spreading your wings
Across the realms of Orion
In the crisp night sky…
The pathways you choose
Will be lighted by angels
In hues of enlightenment…
While I… in my humanness
Will always be near to you…
Standing in my silence…
With endless hues of love…

© 2015 All rights reserved


“The Breath of Angels”

Good morning everyone… I must first apologize for not being able to post anything since December first… I have been wrapped within the sadness of life’s realities.  In my quest to bring light into my darkness, I have tried to focus my heart on the illumination that love brings to one’s heart.  I am hopeful that this post will bring about a gentle recovery of my heart and my soul and return my ability to write more of my un-ordinary words upon these pages.  I deeply appreciate all of you who have visited this site, even in my absence – and brightened my days with your kind and caring comments and ‘likes’…  I hope you enjoy today’s post…

“The Breath of Angels”
I stood in your doorway as you slept
Listening to the breath of angels
For I had never before experienced
Such elegance… before you
I could not preclude my vision
From my own emprise
Of your beautiful face
Lying ever so softly
Against your pillow
Of harvest gold
My work must wait
For it is only in this moment
That I might embrace the tenderness
Of one so far beyond that of extraordinary
I have journeyed through eternity
To find what has brought to my soul
Such captivating enchantment…
For I had never before experienced
Such poetic ecstasy… before you
I was nothing more than
An empty soul,
Wandering aimlessly
Through my humanness…
Before your smile
Filled those empty spaces…
I am a far greater human being
When I am with you…
For you have shined your light upon me
In a way that I had never before experienced…
Now I stand before you…
In the doorway as you sleep…
Listening to the breath of angels…

© 2014

With love,