Remember the Morning

Remember the Morning

I still remember the mornings
When I would awaken
Ready to face whatever the world
Decided to send
My way
But now the morning always brings
The words I left
Almost as if I’ve had no words
To say
I left behind so many doors
Forever to remain
To hide the shadowed grace
From light
Of day
Now it seems through shards of glass
Reflections linger
Though hues of dawn
Mend the fray


Shadows of the Moon

Shadows of the Moon

And the voices said
There was no light
That shined upon the lilies
For the shadows of the moon
Are misconstrued
Love beneath the moonlight
Warm and moist amongst the posies
Like a summer rain that falls
Upon the petals
But the moon can only shine
Upon seclusion of the sun
And raindrops only fall
To hush the thirst

And the voices said
There was no light
That shined upon the muse
For the stories told on high
Are misconstrued
Love beyond the veil
Has always touched the bonds of faith
Like footprints in the snow
Beneath the pines
But stories only tell of truth
If writers find their way
And bonds of faith may tatter
In the storm

And the voices said
The moonlight brings the passion
To the story
Soft and moist and warm
Like summer rain
But the moon can only shine
Upon seclusion of the sun
And raindrops only fall
To hush the thirst


In Rhyme or Out

In Rhyme or Out

You finally read the poetry
And saw your own reflection
Hiding tween the lines
In rhyme or out
Still you can not see me
In the branches of the willow
And linger in the wonder
Of your doubt

I’ve seen you there forever
Fore the black birds
Shared their secrets –
Fore the ravens came
And taught you how to fly –
Before you heard the sparrows stir
Inside the blush of dawn
Before you ever knew
To wonder why

Listen to the whispers
Of the cougar and the crow
And trust your inner wisdom
Without doubt
For it lingers in the silence
With the innocence of the child
Hiding tween the lines
In rhyme or out


Bottles of Wine

Bottles of Wine

Photograph by Amy Watson

Bottles of Wine

Poetry always gives birth to a story
Of life
Of love
And sometimes of glory
Yet the soul often lingers
In truths tween the lines
Neath shadows of moonlight
And bottles of wine

What if the poet just laid it all out
The tears
The sorrow
Truths scattered about
Readers are left without reason to wonder
They’d just feel the pain
The sorrow
The thunder

Perhaps it is best to hide tween the lines
The hunger
The thirst
Kept safe neath the rhyme
Certainly, one day they’ll fall off the vine
Neath shadows of moonlight
And bottles of wine




My apology to those who have come here expecting to find a poem.
This is not one of those.
This is just something that I needed to say…
For me!
Perhaps some of you may find the poetry within my thoughts.


If I could just picture the person standing in front of me
As if they were…
Wouldn’t I want to show kindness toward him?

If I could just imagine the person behind me
Standing next to me
Across the room from me
As if they were…
Would I not truly want to be kind to her?

We’ve all pondered the purpose of life.
I can’t imagine a single soul on this earth that has not wondered.
In one of Neale Donald Walsch’s books of “Conversations with God” he states…

“The purpose of life is to create your Self anew, in the next grandest version
Of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are.”

Yes… I know… I had to read it over and over again too,
Just to make sure I understood the true meaning of the words.

Now… whether you believe in God…
Or not…
Whether you believe that Mr. Walsch actually had conversations
Directly with God…
Or not…
Whether you think Mr. Walsch is completely full of shit…
Or not…
Even if your religious beliefs prevent you from even imagining such a thing…
Or not…
I can’t help but think… that if we could just allow that thought
To cross our minds…
On occasion…
When we get upset –
When we get angry with another –
When the line we have to stand in is far too long –
When another driver cuts us off on the expressway –
When we know someone is lying to us straight faced –
When political matters are not going in our direction –
When we’re sitting at the table having dinner

With those we care so much about…
When we’re sitting in church a bit bored with the preaching
Longing for a stimulating conversation
With that soft ‘inner voice’…
If we could just run that phrase through our minds in one brief moment…
Wouldn’t we be offering ourselves the perfect opportunity
To become a better person?
Would that not help to improve
Our understanding
Our humanity
Our compassion toward others?
Wouldn’t we be welcoming the opportunity for peace to thrive
In our lives
In our family
In our community
In our world?

If in this very moment, every one of us attempted to be the
“…grandest version of the greatest vision” we ever held about who we are…
Would that not help us all to realize what being human is all about?
To recognize the oneness of us all…

I would never say that living that version of one’s self is something easy…
It is not…
I struggle with it daily… sometimes minute by minute.
Far too many times I have thought of those words…
That grandest version of myself…
Just after I have done or said something that I wish I had not…
But that’s when I realize that I have yet to truly become
That greatest vision of who I am…
But I will continue to reach for that vision…
It isn’t easy…
But sharing kindness with another…
Is easy…
And that most certainly should be a part of everyone’s
Greatest vision of
Who we are…

Who do you want to be?

Share your kindness…
Share that kindness with someone you don’t even know…
It could change the world.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to post what I needed to say…
For me!

Have a most beautiful day!