Tattooed Butterflies

Butterfly tattoo negative 1

Tattooed Butterflies

She kept her friends inside the pages of her notebook
Hidden neath the mattress
Neath the satin where she dreamed
She wandered through the darkness
Through the poems within her mind
Poetry of her life that never rhymed
The ink with which she penned
From the wells of mystic streams
Mixed within delusions of her dreams

But tomorrow never lingered in the verses on the page
Hidden neath the mattress
With her amber bottled sage
She wandered in illusions
Of her tattooed butterflies
Hiding softly neath the lace
Of her disguise
Pages of her notebook
Painted hues of naked truth
Hidden in the darkness of her youth

She kept her friends inside the pages of her notebook
Hidden in the shadows
Of delusions lost in time
She wandered through the ruse
Of the music near her breast
Poetry of her life that’s left undressed
Left beneath her pillow
Dreams of tattooed butterflies
Hiding softly neath the lace
Of her disguise



Blood Wolf Moon 3

It was lost in the chaos
Though seldom was it seen in the light
It seems that’s where she preferred it to be
Kept safe in her dreams
…….in the night

She shared it once in the daylight
Then watched while they all walked away
That’s when she tucked it away in the dark
And changed all her colors to grey

She danced with her ghost in the shadows
From the light of the blood wolf moon
Snow neath the pines formed the stage for the mime
In the passion of frosted maroon

She was lost in the chaos
Though she’s found in the rhymes that I write
It seems that’s where she prefers to be
Kept safe in her dreams
…….in the night


Never Just the Pain

Never Just the Pain

(A touch of reality)

It’s never just the pain
It’s always the insane
Hidden tween the lines inside the rhyme
Dancing in the darkness
Singing with the heartless
Melody and lyrics out of time

It’s never just the pain
It’s always bound in chains
Dragging round your neck where life has bled
Weighing down your every thought
Lessons learned and lessons taught
Tintinnabulation in your head

It’s never just the pain
It’s always in the veins
Crawling neath the skin until it bleeds
Pulsing through your eyes
Hiding in the lies
With all your friends still tangled in the weeds

It’s never just the pain
It always leaves a stain
Deep within the fabric of your mind
To scribe the truthful quest
The painful soul that’s left undressed
Is often better off if left unsigned

The Fable

The Fable smoke 1

The Fable

He left them there
On her favorite table
Along with a note
A story
A fable

She sat on the sofa
Just watching TV
Sipped on her coffee
Her whiskey
Her tea

The flowers were wilting
In the old Mason jar
And time was not healing
The bruises
The scars

She closed all the curtains
To hide neath her skin
Not finding forgiveness
Without or

She pulled up the blanket
To hide from the chill
Reached for the bottle
Her treasures
Her pills

Many will see her
Neath bright morning stars
Searching for credence
On sidewalks
In bars

Her story still echoes
In time after time
On faded brick walls
On parchment
In rhyme

Others will follow
Tis always the season
Searching for freedom
For stillness
For reason

The flowers have wilted
Her life just surreal
Reaching for something
To savor
To heal

The bottles lie empty
Her truth on the table
The note crumpled softly
Her story –
A fable

I realize that this is not the type of poetry one expects or wants to read during the holiday season… but the holidays are often the very time when those who are lonely… those who are troubled by life, by love, by sadness… are searching for hope.  Sometimes it takes nothing more than a meaningful hug… a call from a friend… a smile from a stranger to light a candle inside the darkness of another.  Please… reach out your hand to them whenever and wherever you can… they are everywhere… searching.  They may be standing very near to you in this very moment.  Let your light shine brightly for one who has lost their way.  Share your candle with another… you’ll be amazed how brightly the flame will glow.

Wishing you a most beautiful holiday season…


Little Black Book

Black book 16

The following post contains a couple of words that some may find offensive.  If you are offended by such words… please… stop here and read no further.  I hope you will take the time to wander this site and enjoy other posts that do not contain such words and I thank you for dropping by.  I feel that the words used in this writing are appropriate for the subject matter and to best express the contents, circumstances and emotions of this particular…

“Little Black Book”

It was just a little black book
………with names………..
Not real ones of course –
But names in code
For those who understood
The fucking rhyme –
Those who felt the pain
That she had bled
Between the lines
Those who held her hands
When they were shaking

It was just a little black book
………with names………..
Real ones of course –
For no code could hide
Their rude
Never caring ‘bout the shit
They always piled
Upon her soul
Nor when they turned their backs
When ere she cried
Crumpled pictures of their faces
Pasted in between the lines
To remind her of the verses
They erased

It was just a little black book
……..with names…….
Fictitious of course –
Like the words they spewed
While pretending they cared
Stabbing her soul
From behind
Scribbled in crimson
Their own fucking poems
In self-righteous verses


The little black book
Pages ripped
From its perfect bound spine
In dew covered grass
Its cover stained
With tears
And crimson
In a pile of
Green colored glass

The smell of whiskey
From mid-chapter one
An orchid pressed flat
Near the end
Found in the grass
Near a crystalline stone
Neath the White River bridge
Past the bend

A little black book
Of life
Of love
A misunderstanding
A plea…
Scribbled in runes
Her thoughts of escape
Left open……………….
To page 33…


Behind the Smile

Behind the Smile 1

The following is about abuse… physical abuse… sexual abuse… child abuse… abuse against women… mental abuse… verbal abuse… self-abuse.  It is about depression. It is about you and about me.  It is about those who look the other way while that voice inside them is telling them that something is going on that is very, very wrong.  If you suspect someone you know is being abused in ‘any’ form… talk to them.  Honor the trust that it may take for them to open up to you and expose the truth… no matter who is involved… no matter the circumstances.  Listen to them.  Reach out your arms and hold them… tell them that they are not to blame… love them.  They may never feel comfortable enough to open up to you… but if we ignore the silence behind the smile… then it is ‘all’ of us… that is to blame.


Behind the Smile

Of course you wouldn’t know
If you weren’t searching
She hid the secrets well
Behind the smile
But truth was unforgiving
In the darkness of her room
Where stains could not be
Hidden neath the tile

Of course her pain
Was always kept in silence
She never let the sounds
Escape the dawn
But truth was unforgiving
In the scars upon her skin
Where blood could only drip
Upon the pawn

Of course you couldn’t feel
Her anguished marrow
She kept her nightmares
Locked beneath the bed
But truth was unforgiving
In the words upon the wall
Coming from the
Voices in her head

Of course no one could
Reach inside her sorrow
She never could escape
The ties that bind
But truth was unforgiving
In the face behind the smile
Where innocence was lost
To sickened minds

Of course we could not know
What might have happened
If she had scribed her truth
Across the sky
But truth was unforgiving
For the one behind the smile
Till one small voice
Inspired her soul to fly

Of course we have to listen
To their voices
But what about their silence
In the rain
The truth is unforgiving
For the ones who wander blind
Not searching neath the smile
To find their pain

Of course we have to reach
Into the shadows
To find the versus
Hidden in the night
But truth is unforgiving
When we look with blinded eyes
At innocence…
That never finds the light



Whispers Midst the Rain

Whispers Midst the Rain

Whispers Midst the Rain

She wandered in the darkness
Though her light shined through the brume
Reaching for the answers lost in time
She never spoke the secrets
Ever woven through her soul
But couldn’t find her song lost in the rhyme

Forsaken from inception
Though her words seeped neath the door
No one heard her whispers midst the rain
Abandoned by the angels
Bathed in silence of the moon
Where no one heard the echoes of her pain

Hiding in her shadowed dreams
Though her eyes wept in the hush
No one touched her tears with gentle hands
Damned by plundered innocence
And clothed in tousled blame
Her bare feet never stirred the grains of sand

Where then must the heartache hide
Though her secrets fill the room
Reaching for the mourn in crimson cream
Penetrating neath the pain
Though scars are never mended
The naked soul must bear the silent screams

What dwells in her tomorrow
Though her lips still taste the vile
No one turned the page to free the blame
Hands that hold the sharpest edge
May weep the vein of marrow
Yet never drowns the taste of haunting shame

So what of those who love her
Though her heart has veiled the morn
No one knows just how to break the dawn
Perhaps these runes portending
To bathe in exculpation
Will breathe the breath where hallowed lines are drawn


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