The Sound of the Sparrow

The Sound of the Sparrow 1

The Sound of the Sparrow

We’ve always been here
Some of us just lingering in the silence
Like a soft rain on a Sunday morn
Awaiting the beautiful sound
Of the sparrow

Often we may linger
Only briefly fore your eyes
Like diaphanous hues of dawn
Awaiting the sun

We’ve always been here
Some of us just lingering in the stillness
Like moonlight cross a fathomless sea
Reaching for the depth
Of what’s unknown

Often we may wander
Past the corner of your eye
Like shadows from the lamplight
Awaiting dawn

We’ve always been here
Some of us just lingering in repose
Like the muse upon the mountain top
Awaiting the beautiful sound
Of the sparrow


Secrets of the Sphere

Secrets of the Sphere

Secrets of the Sphere

I wandered through the streets
As if I knew where I was going
But I had no destination yon the fear
I listened to the sparrow
With the wisdom of a sage
Then I simply turned around and disappeared

I wandered through my life
As if I knew the right direction
But I had no incarnations that were clear
I listened to the ravens
That had gathered neath the willows
Who gave to me the secrets of the sphere

I wandered in the twilight
As if I knew the way back home
But I had no validation night or day
I listened to the voices
Till their whispers cleared my mind
Then I turned into the clouds and walked away


Copyright © 2019

In Timeless Breath

In Timeless Breath 2

In Timeless Breath

He walked on clouds before the dawn
Before the sparrow’s morning yawn
While shadows wait their virgin birth
And mortals search for peace on Earth

He climbed the oaks where cougar prowl
To hear the haunting panther’s howl
When moonlight shadows cross the ground
The mortal breath… dare make a sound

He wandered pathways lined in thorn
Where fate had failed what love adorned
As shadows passed through mystic hush
Immortal hues from lovers blush

He soared above the crimson light
Where nothing rhymed in black and white
No shadows shade the fated pen
No guilt, no hate, no mortal sin

He traveled life upon this earth
Till life is death… and death is birth
Penned from shadowed thoughts of wonder
In timeless breath… from distant thunder


Gathering Light

Gathering Light

She dwelled in a room where light was gathered
From love of another’s soul
The sparkling brilliance beyond the flesh
That’s never been penned in the scrolls

Some find it there in the inner child
But some are forever blind
Some just look in all the wrong places
Not knowing that threads intertwine

What if she shared all the knowing
She’d gathered from light cross the veil
Would all her blind children find darkness
Or visions of love neath the braille

She dwelled in a room with words unspoken
Where light filled the heart of her soul
She shared the knowing of love from the light
And gathered the parts to be whole



Beneath the Sea

My beautiful picture

Beneath the Sea
I sailed away
Into the night
Upon a sloop of papyrus…
Into a fog so thickened in brume
That vision into the darkness
Was far beyond mortal comprehension…
There was nary a breeze
To carry me into the distance…
The silent, sightless night
Appeared to have abandoned time
Leaving a changeless, static semblance
The ambiance of a naked soul…
No sound from the wind
Nor that of the albatross
Nor even from the sea beneath me…

I could see nothing but the ebon of the night
Hidden deep within the cave of remembrance…
Darkness ladened upon me
As if the earth could no longer find the sun…
I wondered in that moment
If I would be witness to one more dawning of the morn…
Or awaken within the twilight
Of another world…
I stood in the quietude of reality
Hushed… upon the bow
In awakened meditations of the unnatural…
Where time does not exist…
Where pietistic silence
Consumes the marrow of one’s being…
Embalming the soul in wonder
Of what is real…
Of truths of a mortals existence
Longing for human vicissitude
Into worlds of immortality…
A flash of light in the distance
Translucent through the discountenance
Of my reality…
Perhaps lightning from the storm…
A bolt from Thor…
Perhaps the light of the gods
In search of lost souls…
Another flash from the sky
Igniting the sea in hues of crimson
Lingering on destiny’s horizon…
Shadows ascending from the glow
Perpetuating through the smother
Foreboding above the sloop
Like the vulture over his prey…
Yet, fear had not wept within my tears…
For I had wandered
The streams of consciousness
And flown without wings
To celestial bodies that
Linger not upon the parchment…
I have fallen beneath
The surface of the sea…
To depths where life
Exists for only the most
Un-ordinary of beings…
Perhaps a place where I would feel
Most at home…
If only I could breathe
                           Beneath the sea…


Copyright © 2016

To Walk on the Moon

Moon 1abc

To Walk on the Moon
I’ve always wondered just what it was like
Traveling through space at the speed of light
Thirsting to fly in a silver balloon
And to know what it’s like to walk on the moon
I once had a dream that I wore golden wings
And flew round the world upon silver strings
Thirsting for love fore life came undone
And to know what it’s like when touching the sun
I traveled in tunnels from my world to theirs
And climbed into heaven on back alley stairs
Searching for passion fore time disappears
And to bide in the light of celestial spheres
I would not nor could not dwell on this earth
If hope had not entered my soul upon birth
Seeking the light neath shadowy brume
And to know what it’s like to walk on the moon


Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

Audacious Dawn

Audacious Dawn

Audacious Dawn

She moved her face directly before my eyes
As if daring me to look directly
Into those of her own…
Dark shades of scarlet flowing in sparkling wisps
With the morning breeze
Surrounding a smile that makes one
Stand in wonder of just what pleasures
The day may bring…
She so willingly offers
The softest of light…
Anointing the darkness that shades
The horizon of so many…
Giving hope that the sun will shine
Its countenance upon them
If only they could breathe a single breath
Within her radiance…
As her delicate essence flows
In the earliest of morn
Her blush of crimson
Gently kissing the songs of sparrows
As they sprinkle the sky
Like freckles upon the face of angels…
Drifting away from my physicality
Into the lure of her sparkling eyes
Time ceases to be…
Where eternity becomes reality…
Enchanting my soul with the very essence
Of a most Audacious Dawn…


Copyright © 2015

Whispering Voices

Whispering Voices
Sitting before the window
In the few hours before the dawn
Has so often stirred my mind,
My heart and my soul…
Seeming to bring forth the words
That meander their way, eventually falling
Upon these pages that lie before me…
I am humbly encouraged by the light
That shines upon me in these moments…
For my enlightenment is showered
With gifts from those who wander
Other worlds…
Perhaps I am only the pawn
To be placed in strategic places
In order to further their conversations
Which were left unfinished in this world,
There satisfaction not of completeness…
These words frequently come from my mind,
Even in its often confused existence…
More often they come from my heart,
Although it too, has been broken
Time and time again…
But even more than this…
The words flow from within my soul
Unmistakably the most beautiful of them all…
That part of me that has remained whole
And shall always be…
Although there have been those…
Of human form…
That have attempted to take pieces of it from me…
Perhaps leaving it chipped and scarred…
But nevertheless, remaining in its wholeness…
In these moments…
These moments of stillness…
These moments filled with the
Magnificence and beauty of our world…
I find myself in confusion of these words….
For they seem to no longer pass from me
And onto these pages,
But only to pass through me
From places that I cannot fully understand
Within my own consciousness…
It is within these soft and quiet hours
Before the dawn…
Before the magnificence of the sun
Rises upon the horizon in hues of crimson…
I have dreamt of poets passed…
Yet, still awakened in my humanness…
My eyes wide open in wonderment…
In admiration…
And in perplexity…
Is my mind,
My reasoning,
My understandings
Of the complexities and mysteries
Of life in our humanness…
Able to accept within reality…
The ability to hear their whispering voices
Through sounds…
Not of my ears…
But of my soul?
I am with certainty that while these words
Find their way onto these pages…
To remain forever and travel through infinity…
That there are those who will question
This writer’s sanity…
But, then, I often ask of myself
That very same question…
Yet, as I write their words upon the pages
Listening to their whispers with my soul…
I can feel the excitement that emanates from
Those very souls that are speaking ever so softly…
In this stillness…
That I hold so dearly to my heart…
Knowing that such a simple expression of kindness
Of transposing their whispers from their world,
Bringing them into the light within ours,
Places joy within their souls…
Then the question of my sanity becomes
One of no importance whatsoever…
For what stands the greater of the two…
To question the lucidity of the writer…
Or the opportunity to offer tranquility
To the restless soul?

© 2015 All Rights Reserved



The Pond

There are words that have fallen
Far beyond that of my chatterings,
Scattering shards of my existence
Across these pages before you…
Those moments where I so foolishly
Laid my soul before the world
Exposing truths of its batterings,
Shattering my heart alongside…
Yet, both of them remain full
Of hope…
I could not breathe within this world
If not for the others… both here and there…
Sharing their enlightenments with my being,
Seeing that I have endlessly searched for them
In this world… and in the next…
And beyond even that…
My soul hath no greater desire than
To reach for another… who is searching,
Purging all that is wrong while
Converging upon all that is right…
As the light absorbs the darkness that
Lingers within us…
My chatterings are only that of normalcy…
No extraordinary philosophical reasonings
Sprinkling seasoning upon the world of
Psychological thought…
Yet, as I ponder upon that which is normal…
 Finding that there is perhaps, nothing of this world
That exists in normalcy…
Not even that of my own existence…
Then possibly all of us, unknowing perhaps to most,
Actually reside in a most extraordinary existence…
That realization not experienced by many…
Especially the introverts…
Nor the converts from sanity…
Never believing that they themselves
Are extraordinary…
Perhaps they don’t find that existence
In their reflections…
Or their recollections…
Yet, if they have shared love…
Truly felt from their heart and soul…
Then they have provided the world
With new thoughts of wonder…
Thoughts of possibilities…
Thoughts of hope…
And warmed the soul of another…
Their chatterings then speak of truths
That resonate far beyond this world
And that of the next…
Perhaps even beyond that…
For their light has filled another heart
With the unsurpassed feel of being loved…
And that…
In our humanness…
Is our grandest moment…
© 2014 All Rights Reserved

“The Moment before Dawn”

Dawn 1

photo credit: Beauty Eye via photopin cc

The Moment before Dawn

Of course it was in the morning…
Earlier than most eyes have found
Their way into the new beginning
Of their lives
Before the first blush of dawn of course…
At the most prominent moment
To find understanding dancing so obviously
Before my searching soul
Before the first song from the mockingbird
I stand beneath the stars
Absorbing the wisdom you so readily offer me…
Far beyond what I had hoped to gather
Every time you glance in my direction
My light brightens, if only ever so slightly…
That you have chosen me to enlighten
In this… the quietest and most beautiful moment
Which so spectacularly separates
The darkness from the light

Copyright © 2014

Enjoy your moment before dawn…