To Wander

My beautiful picture

Photo by Betty Bell Sanders

I’ve seen the world
From the mountain top –
From the tops of trees
Where branches reach
So far above the fray
You only hear the voices
Neath the whisper…
Though I have walked
Along the streams
With dreams
Beneath the ripples
And touched
The virgin muse
On tumbled stones –
I still can taste
The salty breeze
From dawn
Upon the ocean –
To wander
Though —
Still lingers in my bones



Moon in the Dawn

Moon at Dawn

Moon in the Dawn

To find the moon still on the rise
In crimson hues of dawn
Must bring along a miracle’s muse
Before the light has gone

I could not find the reasons why
My thoughts were lost in time
Yet, unafraid of words not penned
While nature paints the rhyme


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