Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time 3

I cannot lose the hope of breath tomorrow
While still another rhyme hides in the shade
Although I bide in time that may be borrowed
I’ll pen my dreams till dawn begins to fade

If I should lose the vision of the dawning
Yet still can feel the warmth of morning sun
Perhaps the vision found within the yawning
Will never leave the poetry undone


Remember the Morning

Remember the Morning

I still remember the mornings
When I would awaken
Ready to face whatever the world
Decided to send
My way
But now the morning always brings
The words I left
Almost as if I’ve had no words
To say
I left behind so many doors
Forever to remain
To hide the shadowed grace
From light
Of day
Now it seems through shards of glass
Reflections linger
Though hues of dawn
Mend the fray


Beneath the Moon

Beneath the Moon 1

It goes without saying
That I was wrong
I’ve been wrong
So many times
I have to wonder
What is right

Perhaps I have expected
What one would say
Was far too much
From those
Whom I’ve encountered
From the human race

I remember one by one
When they turned
And walked away
Frightened of the words
On the diagnosis
Perhaps they must have thought
That cancer
Spreads with just a touch
Perhaps their fear
Was far too deep
To grace

But I am not alone
In abandoned disbelief
While tides still
Come and go
Beneath the moon
For I can feel the hope
That lingers
Far beyond the sun
And touch the healing light
That heals the soul


The Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon

I feel more at home
While I wander here
In the shadow
Of the universe
As if unfettered
By my humanness

I can see the others
In the distance
Who have fled
Their mortal flesh
To escape their yesterdays
To avoid their tomorrows
To dwell in just one moment
Of the hush

I feel more at home
While I wander here
Exploring my ageless hands
By the light of Meissa
In the shadow
Of creation
As if unfettered
By my humanness
My mortal flesh
On the dark side
Of the moon


To Catch the Sun

My beautiful picture

I wasn’t there
To hear the chimes
At the end of day
I was standing
On the deck
Of a wooden ship
Casting faith upon the horizon
As if we were bound
To catch the sun
Before the darkness

But failings come and go
Upon the sea
Storms beyond Orion
Often linger in the wind
And in the minds of sailors
In their dreams –
But whispers speak
On wooden ships
In the depth
Of stormy nights
And sailors hear the voices
Neath the thunder

Though troubled seas
Can rip the planks
From neath a wooden ship
Sailors trust the wind
To bring them home
But failings come and go
Upon the sea
Inside the darkness
Yet sailors still find hope
To catch the sun


Message to the Poet

Message to the Poet

I’ve walked inside those shoes
You wear to stumble
Although you may have thought
It was a fable in reprieve
I could not let you wander
In the darkness
In the rain
Without the breath of angels
In the breeze

I’ve walked along beside you
Near the ocean
Although you have mistaken me
For someone yon the sun
I could not let your footprints
Stand alone
Upon the sand
Without a hand to keep you
‘Bove the tide

I’ve walked with you
Inside the scarlet flames
Although you may have thought
It was a fable in reprieve
I could not let you face the wounds
Alone in sacred sorrow
Without a hand to pull you
From the blaze

I’ve walked with you
Through many doors
But only in the darkness
You would not know my face
Within the light
Although you have mistaken me
For someone yon the sun
I wander tween the lines
Of words you write