…but that’s alright

but that's alright 1

Chances are –
You’ll never read this…
…but that’s alright
I’m writing it more
To release it from my heart
Than to place it into yours
Though –
If you could only imagine
For one single moment
The countenance upon my face
The longing of my soul to be free
The disquietude of thoughts
Lingering in my weary mind
Perhaps –
I could once again
Fly with the sparrows
From whence I came
Converse with the crows
Upon the hawthorn
Hear the whispers of the universe
Within the silence
Within the peaceful quietude
Of one single moment in time…
Though –
Chances are –
You’ll never read this…
…but that’s alright


The Melody Got in the Way

The melody Got in the Way

The Melody Got in the Way

He dared to believe in the lyrics
But the melody just got in the way
Lost in the rhythm of the heartbeat
Like the potter’s first touch of the clay

Poetry fell softly like snowfall
But the rhyme he too often misread
Lost in the words that were left on the wall
With the truth tween the lines never said

Wanting to believe in the rhapsody
Lost in the music she played
He dared to believe in the lyrics
But the melody just got in the way


I Opened Up the Sun


I Opened Up the Sun

I opened up the sun to find
What warms all living things
But found what humans used to cause the slaughter
I dug a hole into the earth
To find its inner beauty
But found the crude that always taints the water

I climbed upon a billowed cloud
To touch the deep blue sky
But found polluted air from acts of greed
I sprinkled moon dust on the earth
To calm the violent rage
But found a peaceful heart can’t stop the bleed

I wandered through the universe
To find the perfect cure
But found that time stands still across the ridge
I swam across the River Styx
To touch its magic lure
But found that love can’t always build a bridge

I opened up the book of life
And searched its rhymes for peace
But found the parchment scribed with shadowed runes
I spread my wings of silver strings
To dwell in lunar light
But found there was no muse upon the moon

I opened up the sun to find
What warms all living things
But found that sunshine melts the morning dew
I looked into the shining light
For life, for peace, for love
Then realized…
                         I found them all in you


Copyright © 2016

Where Shadows Bide

Where Shadows Bide 3

I would like to apologize to all of my dedicated readers for the lack of posts over the last few weeks.  Most of March and now the first part of April have not been kind to me, but if you want to know more about that, you can visit the “Vision of Hope 33” site… I’ll not dwell on that subject on this site.  I thank every one of you for standing by me… for your beautiful and inspiring comments through the many months that we have been sharing our writing… our thoughts… our emotions with one another.  I cherish every moment of it.

To my dearest followers, ‘like’ button clickers and those who simply clicked the wrong button and found themselves here… wondering… I would like to ask you to spend a couple of extra minutes lingering in the words of the poetry that dwells beneath these words… not captured in the flow of the meter nor the words within their rhyme… but what ‘bides in the shadows’ deeply between the lines.  Then I want to hear your thoughts… your analysis… what you may find there resonating within you… or perhaps even a ‘what the hell was he thinking’ comment.

I have always said that the true meaning within poetic verse, lies within the perception of the reader.  The intention of the writer is not always within the mindfulness of the reader.  Let me know what you find there… your philosophy… your insight… your intuitive percipience… your confused cognition… your wonderings… your babble and blather… let it out… post it… tell it like it is… We’ll all have fun reading them… that’s what makes wordpress so much fun.

Thank you for the time you spent traipsing through my twaddle… I look forward to your expressions of incertitude of this writers sagacity.

Where Shadows Bide
When ere we melt into the night
No hues of wrong nor shades of right
The raven’s eyes our only sight
Yet wisdom’s borne… in black and white
Though who’s to blame for passion’s dare
No moment lost nor moment spared
The Panther stalks where prudence bare
While Nightingales sing songs of prayer
When ere we fade neath shadowed brume
No virgin birth nor virgin womb
The Magpie speak with darkened plume
Yet Lilac blush… in nature’s room
Though who’s to blame for passion’s dare
No breast of man nor maiden fair
The mortals stand with cold blank stares
While innocence leaves the soul to bear
When ere we ebb with morning tide
No sleep be lost nor tears be cried
The sparrow sings where shadows bide
Yet shadows bear the hearth to hide
Though who’s to blame for passion’s prize
Forbidden love or moonlit skies
The vulture feasts on sated guise
While passion blooms in hungry eyes

Copyright © 2016


Whispers 2

The words disappeared
Tween her lips and his fear
Like whispers that fade in the breeze…
Yet both of them knew
When the cold north wind blew
The dew on the roses can freeze
Though nothing could change
What fate rearranged
Their hands interlaced in the rain…
Yet both of them knew
When the white raven flew
Their love was still laced in the chain
The words disappeared
Tween his lips and her fear
Like echoes that fade in the wind…
Yet both of them knew
From the pictures they drew
The willows, forever… will bend
Though nothing could change
What fate rearranged
Their whispers caressing the rain…
Yet both of them knew
In the last breath they drew
Passion would thrust through their veins
The words disappeared
Tween their lips and their fear
While whispers are borne of the night…
The sonnet lies still
When the dew tastes the chill
Yet love will still bathe in the light

The words disappeared………

Tween their lips and their fear………

In soft whispered hues…………

Yet both of them knew………..


Copyright © 2016

When I Awoke…

When I Awoke

When I awoke…

I could not find you near to me
Nor taste the breath of salty seas
Just empty rooms with silent throes
And raindrops on the rose

I searched beneath the willow tree
For eyes that wander memories
But parchment spoke in rhymes and prose
And raindrops on the rose

Conversing with the ones who know
Where ravens speak with telling crows
When I awoke where no one goes
With raindrops on the rose

I could not find you in the pain
But heard your voice in gentle rain
Found footprints neath the sparrow’s pose
Near raindrops on the rose

When I awoke in lucid dreams
And walked along cool mountain streams
I found you there… where lilac grows
In raindrops paused… upon the rose


Copyright © 2016

Drops of Transcendence

Drops of Transcendence

Drops of Transcendence

I wandered far from familiarity…
Lost within a prism of radiance
From moonlight’s reflection upon marbled stones…
Where etchings of runes
                    Cast shadows of those no longer mortal…

Leaves of the white oak
Gathered in silent reverence
Of what once had touched their deepest veins…
When footsteps rustled
                    While children laughed in evening’s shade

A gentle breeze brushed cross my face
Caressing the softness of your voice
With words so perfectly rhymed for love still living
As if poetic verse
Had somehow fallen from your heart
                    In mystical drops of transcendence

I wandered to the edge of understanding
Bathed in the delicate fragrance
Of your translucent apparition…
Embers immortal
While the songs of sparrows
                    Touched the breath of dawn

I ascended from my humanness
Finding all that is beautiful
In a world where only love can breathe
Abiding tranquility
Where stillness of heart
                    Wanders in the dreams of forever


Copyright © 2015