The Vision of Poets

Welcome to “The Vision of Poets” blog.  I’ve been writing and reading poetry for many years and have found it to be quite enlightening.  I hope everyone that visits this page will participate by commenting on whatever they would like to comment on.  Feel free to leave a poem to share with others or for others to comment on.  

Thanks for visiting and sharing your comments with us.

The following is a poem I wrote recently when trying to force my brain to provide words that could only come from another source.

The Empty Page
by Michael33

I found an empty childless page,
Blank and white and bare
Reflections looking back at me
With an unrelenting glare

I searched for wisdom in my mind
But the canvas remained unclothed
The hidden brilliant thoughts within
Proscribing what’s exposed

Suddenly, the words emerge
With magnificence and splendor
Appearing on the empty page
From a sapient pretender

Poetry seldom comes from thought
We’re mostly not that smart
Reflections that endure the light
Mirror echoes from the heart

Excerpt from the second volume of “Rhymes of Life” to be published this fall.

Have a beautiful day!


8 thoughts on “The Vision of Poets

  1. So true, Michael. Poetry seems to appear from a wellspring of emotion, the words jostling and skirting around one another for their place on the page! I’m always amazed (haha, I’ve only written two poems) at how quickly they find their place! Unlike my other dabblings (currently a memoir), which seem less anxious to race with me to the finish line. 🙂


    • Sapient…. “having or showing great wisdom or sound judgment”. So, to analyze the poetry a little, sapient pretender would be someone pretending to have great wisdom or sound judgement. Aren’t words beautiful when they can express depth and understanding in poetry? I’m very pleased that you felt my words so deeply that you wanted to use them for your own personal use. I’m proud that you did so, thank you. So, glad you decided to visit this site and to comment. I encourage visitors to comment and some of those who are following this site have done a wonderful job of expressing themselves. I hope they know I appreciate them very much. Don’t be a stranger… visit often. Have a beautiful day!


  2. How have I missed this? Another gem hidden among the pages and screens of “blog-dom”. Your artistry shines in the images this paints. And your heart shines through the words. “Poetry seldom comes from thought” – so true. I think poetry serves as a portal for the heart. Music does as well – at least for me. I’m so much more expressive on the piano than I could ever be with words.. Anyhoo – I’m truly sorry I’ve missed this one until now – but blast I’m glad you posted it!


  3. Ah! But words weaved together and thoughts the arena of composition until it travels to the pen writing its magic upon the soul of others. Yes there are poems like that that we write and stepping back seems like they have been written by others. Perhaps the Whispers of the ancients that has fallen on our ears. Nice Poem Micheal. Really enjoyed your piece


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