A River Flowing East

A river flowing east

To my readers:
I am not suicidal.
However… the following poem reveals a perfect reflection of my current state of mind.
For reference: Read my journal entry at this location: Vision of Hope33
That information… followed by a similar prognosis for the one I care so much about ……………………………has just been a little too much for the soul……………………………

A River Flowing East

Why wouldn’t one look
For a way to escape
Instead of just
Letting it happen
Slowly –
Painfully –
As if it were ordained
As if fate had long ago determined
That you have no choice but to abide
By its supernatural powers
Surrendering yourself to
The circumstance
That now surrounds you
Why would you not even
Turn your head
To look for a way out
An exit sign
An open window
A river flowing east
Into Eden

Why would you not
At least attempt
To spread your wings
And fly
To rise up from the darkness
To the light
Why would you not want
To soar
Within the gentle breeze
Like an eagle’s first flight
Above the earth
Like the last
Leaves of autumn
Swept up by the breath
To rise above the place
Of their birth

Why wouldn’t one look
For a way to escape
Instead of just
Letting it happen
Taking the next exit
To billow the sails
On a river flowing east
Into Eden


13 thoughts on “A River Flowing East

    • Good morning Roberta. I thought I should add the opening statement because the poem certainly would lead one to believe that I was seriously considering it. But I have seen up close and personal what suicide does to those who care and the effects on their lives forever. Although, I feel that with my current situation… I certainly have a greater understanding of the thoughts that may proceed such an event. Sometimes I may teeter on the edge, but as of this moment… I will attempt to endure.

      Thank you so much for dropping by and shining your light into the darkness.

      A most beautiful day to you.

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    • Good morning Sue… It seems that at some point, we all face such thoughts… though they are seldom welcome into our world. I suppose that is when we must trust our soul to understand… and help carry us through those times and bring us hope.
      A most beautiful day to you…

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    • Thank you for the reblog. I feel very honored that you chose to share my thoughts with your readers. I know there are many who have felt those words at some point in time and sometimes… it is comforting to know that you are not alone.
      Wishing you a most beautiful Sunday


    • I am often amazed at the endless possibilities in one’s life that suddenly, without warning, bring about those very feelings or ones very similar. It does indeed usually mean that it is time to either make very serious changes in our lives or allow those very feelings to carry us deeper into the darkness.
      I’m so glad that you were able to do what was best for you and to find such long lasting happiness. It seems that is a rare event these days.
      Wishing you a most beautiful day and many more years of happiness…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. If I were in your position I do not know which way I would go or which road I would take. I hope(d) my faith would keep me strong but now I am not sure. Just before Christmas I sat with my wife and her mother as her mum passed away after struggling for breath for months and having palliative care oxygen for 3 weeks. I am it sure I would cope with that if it were me.

    I continue to pray that you may find the right path for you.


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