Through Wisdom’s Eyes

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Through Wisdom’s Eyes

It’s not that I’ve stopped writing
Though my life seems to have stopped inside the rhyme
Caught between reality and whispers from the light
Trapped inside the hourglass of time

I’m blinded by the empty page
Though my thoughts could always paint the palette blue
But pink and yellow flowers always linger in my eyes
Like hues of dawn’s first blush through morning dew

It’s not that I am caught inside the verse
Though second sight cannot change morrow’s fate
Knowing in the light that as a child I still could fly
I’ve seen the waiting wings yon garden’s gate

It’s not that I’ve stopped writing
Though the potter’s wheel is useless without clay
Poets on the ceiling whisper rhymes through wisdom’s eyes
While minds of mortal poets fade away



Don’t worry about my state of mind… I’m still sharp as a tack… well… old… somewhat rusty and a bit warped… but still sharp.  Now… if I can just remember how to post this.

4 thoughts on “Through Wisdom’s Eyes

    • Good morning Ebony and thank you so much for dropping by. Your comment has brightened my morning. I just came from visiting your site and wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration in this world. Love your words, thoughts and ideas. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us.
      Wishing you a most beautiful day.

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