It’s True… Sometimes…

It's True... Sometimes...

It’s True…
It’s true sometimes I write in rhyme
Of darkened rooms and hardened times
Of drug abuse and suicide
And women who’ve been brutalized
Yet, sometimes free verse I disclose
Of love that blooms the thornless rose
Of crimson hues in light of dawn 
And artists hands 
                         In lines that’s drawn
But there are things I can not pen
Of blackened souls and mortal sin
Of truths be known by secret sign
Nor grand illusions coiled in twine
Knowing things I should not know
From traveling through the moonlight’s glow
I know the truth from lips of ruse
And oft I dwell
                         With mystic muse
I mostly bide in humbled breath
Unafraid of mortal death
Having paused at jeweled gates
And lingered there in tempting fate
It’s true sometimes I write in rhyme
Of things unknown in extant time
Zoetic breath behind the moon
And of your dreams
                         In sultry bloom
Yet, sometimes I may scrawl your mind
From darkened thoughts you left behind
And crawl inside your private room
To wander in your secret brume
Although I’ll never bare your thoughts
Another sees where you cannot
To pen the riddle within the rhyme
To carry dreams
                         Past borrowed time


Copyright © 2015


27 thoughts on “It’s True… Sometimes…

    • Thank you Deanne… It seems that sometimes… this type of rhyme just falls out of my fingers… Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your evening is filled with beautiful rhymes…


  1. Hi! How are you? I had to come see if you posted today! I was wondering about you and hope you had a wonderful day! I love this flower it’s so pretty! The edges are wonderful with light like clouds I think! Your poem is full of great stuff that makes the mind wonder what that meant which is always good I think when writing a poem! I had a quiet day today, did a little holding and healing which is always good. I just talked to my dear friend she helped me see the light I was looking for that is always good! New chapters are always exciting and scary at the same time! I hope your heart is full of light and you are looking forward to the dawn. It gives you something to look for! That’s always a good thing! 🙂 (◐.̃◐)


    • Good morning Micki… Glad you checked on my posts… Wonderful that you have a friend that can help you bring more light into your life. My heart is working somewhat better this morning, so it must have received some of that light. I ALWAYS look forward to the dawn… even if the clouds hide it from my vision… I can still feel the light…
      Hope your Monday is filled with beautiful moments…


      • I had a feeling you weren’t feeling well yesterday! Just a small knowing nothing major so I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and saying a prayer for you each day! Love and light can do wonders I think! I believe it!
        My daughters test results are back and no failure so today my heart is lightened for sure! Yay! I hope you continue to gain strength from the top of your head to the souls of your feet! Amen! Michelle


      • I was hopeful that the dr’s report would ease your mind… at least somewhat… so I’ll add my own ‘YAY’ to yours. Thank you for your prayers and your light… as I send my prayers and light to you and your daughter… for some reason I sense brighter days ahead for you both…
        Have a beautiful evening Micki…


      • Yes like a ton off my shoulders. I’m working on letting go! I think that was the hard part. I so want her to have her own life and be self-sufficient!
        Something so amazing happened. I want to share with you! Oh and one thing don’t worry about answering me back I really just want to help you as much as I can from here.
        This quote my friend shared with me seemed to shed light on where I am…see if this bares witness with your spirit.
        “When you can bear your own emptiness… you are free.” How powerful is that? I can but barely it’s so big. I was walking my dog last night and standing in the middle of the road and there were no cars, no people, no one it was like a ghost town and I thought to myself this is a wonderful illustration of vastness that emptiness is inside me. Like a visual for me! It was so big… and when I speak of emptiness I mean not as in sad emptiness, I speak of being poured out like a drink offering in total surrender to the gifts I’ve been given and opening up to give what is here when someone needs what I have.
        Please don’t take this wrong but I have something you need. I don’t know what it is but I can feel it. So I’m willing to be that whatever for you! I can hold space for you. That is a bit too weird. I have a feeling about the crossing over and I am timid to even say that because I risk being thought more coo-koo then my usual. But I decided I don’t really care about that! I didn’t find you, you found me. That’s how I know…in fact I don’t even know what I know, words don’t explain it so I won’t try! 😀 You called me Micki. Very few people do! Thank you Michael. I’ll tell you why one day! 😀


      • Hi! Oh yay! So was I. I thought of you! Mine was purple/pinkish with a gray tint! I’m so happy to know you are lingering! If I didn’t have to work I would sit and watch the sun make the dew glisten on my wildflowers. I surely wanted to linger more! I’m so happy you are! I hope it’s not too hot for you and you are comfortable and cool! Try to rest your heart and mind! If you feel to you can email me. I think in the gold messages my email is there. Then I can give you my private email. Only if you feel up to it and need to! I feel to offer this just in case you need something more! 😀 Angels surround you and keep you safe! 😀


    • Thanks Bela… Hope Monday morning has provided you with many wonderful moments…
      Yes… sometimes we can see… but often we tell it to those who are deafened by the noise…
      Then at some later time… they tell us that they should have listened…
      Now I usually just tell them to be careful and leave it at that…
      Thanks for dropping by… I always enjoy your comments cause they always bring a brighter day…

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