The Fall of Innocence



Good evening everyone.  I’d like to thank the new visitors and followers after last night’s post of “The Passion of September.”  I also want to thank those of you who were already visiting and following my posts for your dedication through some of my ‘not right’ posts.

I’ve blabbed several times about where the inspirations to write originate.  There are probably multitudes of different inspirations that arise within each individual.  Like people and personalities, no two are exactly alike.  What inspires you on one occasion may have no influence whatsoever on another.  What inspires someone else, who shares that inspiration with you, may also inspire each of you in a very different fashion.  If you give the same subject matter to different writers and tell them to write a poem about it, the resulting poetry will probably be completely different and cast wonderful reflections on each individual’s heart and soul.  I’ve used the subject of ‘innocence’ on several occasions that has produced several very different poems.  Last night’s poetry post was one of those occasions.  When you add other factors to that subject matter, like someone requesting you add the shades of sensual and provocative, you get poetry of a completely different nature.

Innocence is often lost, not through choice.  Our childhood can be taken from us in many ways and under numerous circumstances.  The innocent child, the innocent adult can find themselves in so many situations that can rob them of their honor, their morality, their integrity, their innocence.

The poetry that I’m posting this evening is titled, “The Fall of Innocence”.  I would like everyone that chooses to read it tonight to notice the subtle differences between the first and last verses.  Please spend a few moments considering how ‘sometimes’, very subtle changes can make enormous differences in a person’s life.  These subtle changes could free them from guilt, turn deceptions into truths, or protect the innocent.

Everyone has either experienced this type of situation in their own lives or knows someone that has had to endure many of life’s displeasures.  Be there when they need someone.  Help shine the light on those subtle changes that may just free their spirit.

The Fall of Innocence

She whispered the words…
Where no one could hear them…..
As if in a preoccupation.
One tear had fallen…
Where no one could see it…..
On the letter of insinuation
She was not to blame
As she whispered his name
Trapped in a misconception
Where could she go
Where no one could find her
Clouding the chance of perception
She contemplated other worlds
As if there was no other answer
Her mind had magnified the plot
Like a deadly malignant cancer
There was nothing more
That she could do
To keep her world from imploding
She must tell them the truth
Of what happened in youth
To prevent her life from eroding
It mattered not the consequence
For those who buried their sins
For if the truth remained in hiding
The fall of innocence begins
She would not stand idly by
Allowing the pain that November
To destroy all their dreams
From the visions of screams
It’s time now for secrets remembered
She whispered the words…
Where everyone could hear them…..
As if ending the humiliation
One tear had fallen…
Where everyone could see it…..
And she stopped the eternal damnation

Copyright © 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Have an enlightening evening and share that enlightenment with someone who needs it.


12 thoughts on “The Fall of Innocence

    • Thanks for your kindness Vincent. Are you sure you’re not just being nice because I wrote that poem for your novel???
      Just kidding… I’m awaiting your next post with great anticipation.


    • Hi Audrey Dawn. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It pleases me greatly when something I write resonates with someone else. It was speaking to me very loudly too, until I finally put it into print. If what we write speaks to even one person loudly enough to cause them to reach out their hand ‘for help’ or ‘to help’, eases someone’s mind, or lifts their spirits from sadness, then our writings become priceless….
      Thanks again for visiting. So glad to have you following.


    • Thank you so much Mim for your wonderful comment. If we can write something that speaks to the reader, then we’ve accomplished something that we can be proud of. Sadly, this poem speaks to far too many of us that have either experienced a similar situation in their own lives or through someone very dear to them. I’ve been visiting your site on a regular basis now and enjoying myself with everything I read. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day.


  1. Thanks for sending me to this poem. It really touched my heart deeply. I look forward to reading others on your site and to developing the gift of imagination and creativity through your work.


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