Love on the Pier

Brewing storm on the Pacific

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Tonight you can sail away.

“The Storm at Sea”
Opening the door to the radio room
Red sky in the morning appeared
Sailor take warning or so they say
Calm seas misleading what’s feared
North by northwest our heading was set
Engines at full speed ahead
While on the horizon the clouds building high
Threatening what all sailors dread
A slight rolling motion, starboard to port
As the albatross lined the stern
The blackening clouds in the distant sky
The Pacific beginning to churn
The dark blue water, turning to grey
Wind from the south in a wail
Changing our course, one-twenty degrees
Fronting the bow to the gale.
The blustering winds pursue fifty knots
As forty foot swells draw near
The masts are convulsing in unguarded anger
While all hands on deck persevere
The bow pointing skyward approaching the crest
Launching its keel to the wind
As amidships falter on mountainous seas
Unsure of what nature portends
As the bow turns downward, descent into hell
A feeling, as if you could fly
Plunging the bow through the next waiting wall
The truths within physics comply 
Wisps of blue sky on horizons
Hope to avoid Davy Jones
While the vengeance still drifts in the distance
Shaken to the depth of your bones
Standing in the wheel room at dusk
As the sea and the sky embrace
The beauty that follows the black stormy sea
Salt from the blue on my face
Returning to port in the moonlight
The salt and the sea legs cohere
Nothings more dear to the heart of the sailor
Than the sight of his love on the pier

I hope wisps of blue sky adorn your horizon, but you might want to think seriously about it before you launch your keel to the wind.



7 thoughts on “Love on the Pier

    • My heartfelt gratitude, Audrey Dawn. I certainly learned a lot the first time I experienced that situation. Our ship was small… the ocean was not… and mother nature proved that she could be so tremendously vengeful, and magnificently beautiful in only moments of time. I hope you have a magnificently beautiful day.

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    • Thank you so much tenderlytina. I have to admit that I’ve actually learned a great deal about myself through writing. Often things pour out of my heart that my brain has yet to edit, letting words spill onto the page that perhaps would have forever remained unsaid. If I’ve absorbed the writings on your site as you intended, I would have to say that this applies to you as well. I thank you intensely for your visits and comments. Have a beautiful day Tina!!!

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