Complexions of Red


Hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday evening.  Thanks for all the wonderful support from last night’s post.  I certainly enjoyed the comments and the ‘likes’.  It was another beautiful day here in the southern plains, with highs around 80 under a crisp blue sky.  Hope that lasts till March, but something tells me it won’t.  Tonight’s post is about the changing seasons.

Thanks for visiting…..

Complexions of Red
I love the falling leaves
Watching their nearly weightless essence
With myriads of color
As they gracefully drift their
Glorious hues, ever so softly…
Gently caressing the aspirations
Of the Earth below
Yearning for their tender touch,
The microcosm opens its loving arms
Receiving their generous nurturing
That they so readily avail
I stood beneath the trees
My eyes lifting toward the forest’s pallet
Filled with shades of green and gold
With complexions of red,
Ascribing their ascendancy
Of the changing seasons
As the lingering mist
Touched softly my face
A delicate breeze fondling my skin
You were there… standing beside me…
Weaving your fingers into mine
Lifting our passion
Far beyond the awe inspiring moment
Transformed into avian beings,
And drifting otherworldly with the wind

May a delicate breeze fondle your skin….



9 thoughts on “Complexions of Red

    • Thanks Audrey Dawn. I don’t think I’ve heard those two words used in the same sentence in a long time. I just returned from your site. You are really writing some wonderful poems. I might have worn out the ‘like’ button…..


    • I don’t think I know the definition of ‘true poet’. True poet? Hmm… I’ll have to think about that one for a while. Once in a while I’m lucky enough to stumble and mumble out some expressions of ‘truths in poetry’, but a true poet??? I think you have to have been deceased for about 30 years, when someone accidentally stumbles onto an old dusty notebook that they found, hidden deep in the darkness of your closet, and as they thumb their way through the scribbles, they realize that “Hey, this stuff is pretty good.” I hope that I’ll somehow be able to observe the look on the person’s face that pulls the notebook out from under my mattress… at least it won’t be dusty.


  1. I won’t use true poet… but I am darn tempted! I will say however (and I am no one in particular but a gal who has written lots of poems..) You have the heart of a poet beating in your chest and I know only because poets just do! I hope this does not sound presumptuous or snooty because I don’t mean it to but you write and you write quite well and with heart..I love this and I am off to read more, Caro


    • Thank you so much Caro – You have certainly brightened up my day and it certainly needed some light to shine upon it. Thanks for taking care of that for me. I definitely agree with the beating heart… it will also pound you in the soul until you place it upon the page, but from visiting your site, it is obvious that you certainly have that going on also. Thank you so much for such kindness and I look forward to more interaction between us.
      Have a most beautiful day…

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