True Colors


True Colors
You know, of course
You have been looking in all the wrong places
For there is beauty within everything….
Places you would never think to look…
Places deep inside you
Where you hide your most intriguing beauty…
I know you have lingered in the rainbow
And pondered the scent of the rose
For they are cast before your eyes within their splendor…
But have you ever mused
For even a moment of introspection
In the complexity and beauty of the moth…
Colors not found in the rainbows of our lives
Nor in the soft brilliant colors of the rose
Yet… you will find perhaps
In the breath of the moth
The natural hues of the universe…
Discoveries of what is beautiful far beyond
What we find before us in our busy world…
Far beyond what others dare to show us…
Far beyond what we are willing to share with another…
Yet… the moth knows not vanity
Nor bigotry
Nor racism
Nor prejudice
Nor discrimination of any kind…
It lingers not in yesterday
Nor longs for a tomorrow…
Yet the hues of the moth are there to spark the wonder
Of all who may seek the beauty within the moment
Not hiding the willingness to share what lies within…
Nor expressing any desire to harm another…
Nor disparaging one who reflects the hues of a different color
Nor expressing any desire to talk behind the back
Of one who radiates peculiarity…
The moth always lingers near the light
While living only in the moment…
Displaying its truth to all who wander near…
To those of curiosity…
To those of wonder…
To those who offer others their innocence
Unafraid of the darkness of night…
Unafraid of the dawn…
There is no rhyme to praise the moth
Its hues entwined in mystic cloth
Living life with soul that’s bare
Unconcerned with gems it wears 

There is no verse to grace the moth
It hungers not for magic broth
Pursuing love in cool night air
Then spreads its wings in silent prayer
Though poetry may find your heart
The moth’s defined in nature’s art
Perhaps it lingers near the light
To see the world not black
                                 Nor white…


Copyright © 2016

Audacious Dawn

Audacious Dawn

Audacious Dawn

She moved her face directly before my eyes
As if daring me to look directly
Into those of her own…
Dark shades of scarlet flowing in sparkling wisps
With the morning breeze
Surrounding a smile that makes one
Stand in wonder of just what pleasures
The day may bring…
She so willingly offers
The softest of light…
Anointing the darkness that shades
The horizon of so many…
Giving hope that the sun will shine
Its countenance upon them
If only they could breathe a single breath
Within her radiance…
As her delicate essence flows
In the earliest of morn
Her blush of crimson
Gently kissing the songs of sparrows
As they sprinkle the sky
Like freckles upon the face of angels…
Drifting away from my physicality
Into the lure of her sparkling eyes
Time ceases to be…
Where eternity becomes reality…
Enchanting my soul with the very essence
Of a most Audacious Dawn…


Copyright © 2015

Moon in the Dawn

Moon at Dawn

Moon in the Dawn

To find the moon still on the rise
In crimson hues of dawn
Must bring along a miracle’s muse
Before the light has gone

I could not find the reasons why
My thoughts were lost in time
Yet, unafraid of words not penned
While nature paints the rhyme


Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved

To Humans

To Humans

To Humans
          by Creatures of the Forest

Of course I am familiar
With the creatures that wander the forest…
For I was raised in the tops of trees
Towering to heights far greater
Than most of your concrete and steel…
Yet the creatures that wander
Your sidewalks and streets
Are far more cruel than any
That have ever wandered
The forest floor…
Of those amongst the woodland
To slay another
Is only in the name of necessity of food…
The survival of the species…
While those amongst the concrete
Slay others in the name of hate
There is no slaughter within our forest
For there is no animosity
Nor disrespect for another
Except for that by humans
In their greed for riches
Or trophies upon their shelves…
Yet those amongst you…
In your castles and cadillacs…
In your cavalries and camouflage
Slaughter those
Who are unwilling to comform
To your way of life…
To your so called democracies…
Perhaps to your religion…
You kill one proclaiming their guilt
While killing ten of innocence
Without judge nor jury…
Yet professing it as justice…
Over and over
You have slaughtered the masses
While in the same moment
Asking God to bless your nation…
I suppose that you have left God
In wonderment of creation…
For I am most certain that the intent
Was not for one to kill another…
Nor imprison another…
Nor torture one over words…
Nor starve another…
Nor leave one to survive without shelter…
Nor to die of illness
Impoverished by circumstances…
There is no injustice
In the tops of trees…
We are always of nourishment
With berries and leaves
And the grains that linger nearby…
All are shared equally with the others…
The creatures that dwell
Upon the forest floor
Do not know cruelty…
They do not slaughter one another
For land or oil
Or because they do not like the lifestyle of another…
Although you speak of yourself
As the creature of reason
The superior species of all of creation…
I will choose to live with the animals of the forest
For they are the ones of reason…
It is those who live in the tops of trees
That possess love and compassion for another…
While you in your ignorance…
In your misguided self-indulgence…
In your endless pursuit of war…
In your lust for treasures…
Dwelling in your peculation
Longing to slaughter one another into extinction…
I will be lying in comfort
Full with sustenance
Covetous of nothing
Loving the creatures near to me
While welcoming those who wander
Into my forest
Willing to share my nest with another…
Swaying in the gentle breeze
In the tops of trees…


Copyright © 2015

What Bides Before the Hearth

Tree house tree

What Bides Before the Hearth

Much of my childhood was spent
In the top of the old elm
Some sixty feet above the ground…
And above the life from which I was hiding…
Its thick green leaves always eager
To hide my small frame
From those who prowled upon the ground…
And to hide my soul
From the creatures lingering in my reality

My days spent in the apogee of the elm
My nights in the crest of the oak
For not even the cries of the cougar
In the night of a full moon
Were more frightening than
What bides before the hearth

I could not rest on chamber berth
Fearful of what dwelled in the darkness…
The shades were pulled to block the night
But creatures stirring outside the walls
Were not the cause of my foreboding

Every closet in the house had its bones
You could hear them moan in the stillness
And rattle as if in the wind
Although the only breeze
That blew behind those closed locked doors
Came from the breath of the living

No one dared wander into the attic
For the cobwebs covered the echoes of secrets
That lay buried between the boards…
Beneath where the bats hang

Sometimes the secrets would
Creep down from the ceiling
Oozing down the wall beneath the paint
Emerging from behind the baseboards
Rising from the nether
In search of the soul of an innocent

I would gladly climb the sixty feet into the air
Within the old elm tree to spend my day…
When nightfall brought the darkness
My audacious smile, lucent in the twilight
Embraced the rugged bark of my salvation…
As I pulled the homemade rope ladder
Into the most desultory of treehouses
Nestled within the cradle of the old oak…
High above those that prowled upon the ground
And the creatures that lingered…
Expecting only the most pleasant of dreams…
To the howl of the cougars


Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved




The dawn has blushed the horizon
With hues of Persian rose
Gently caressed with just a kiss of lavender
The sunrise lingering beneath the pallet
As if pausing to bathe in its own inspiration
As the fog begins to dwell before my eyes
Persuading shades of dawn
Into hues beyond my imagination
I feel the mist of angels upon my face…

While my footprints have wandered
Only the semblance of humility
Within this lifetime
My mind pausing in wonder
Of why such beauty stands before me
Untouched by human hands…
Unseen by those who cannot linger
For even a single moment in time…

As the fog begins to crowd the light
Into shades of platinum and gray
I can see the shadows of dandling souls
Wandering amongst the Junipers
While songs of the mockingbird
Dance through the bathing breeze

I pondered upon a hollowed log
Watching a spotted owl
Undulating in and out of sleep
High in the cottonwood
Towering above me…
As the light of dawn
Weaves its blush of amaranth
Through the evanescent fog
I felt the wandering souls
Gathering round me…
Still in my quietude
The first glimmer of sunlight
Cresting on the horizon…

As my state of mind
Fell into rumination
Upon places where
My curiosity should nary dwell…
The immortal vagabonds
Spired me into breath
Far above the horizon
Where my wondering eyes
Brushed against the hues of dawn
As the morning sun spread its glory
Ever so gently
Across the fields of heaven

© 2015 All rights reserved


Inducing a Smile

Althea bee 4

Inducing a Smile
Good evening fellow bloggers and visitors from other worlds,,.
Just feeling a little on the lighter side of writing today, so I thought… (ahh ohh – a thought… that’s not always a good thing with me)…
So, I thought that I would offer a couple of Haikus and of course, as most of you have come to realize, I never seem to be able to write a serious Haiku… So here are a couple of un-serious ones and a short, also un-serious poem, strictly in the attempt to induce some serious smiles…

Fairy Tale Haiku
Once upon a time
On a blog, far far away
There lived a haiku
Mother Nature Haiku (or maybe not)
You took my flower
Then you pollinated me
Most Bee U T full
Okay… done with the Haiku
The Sting
That was a serious sting
The burning and hurt beyond
Any anticipation…
It wasn’t the sting of a bee however,
It was from her…
The one with the big blue eyes…
At least when a bee flies at you
With a smile on her face
You know her intentions…

© 2014

Hmm… two bee poems… you’d think that I must have had an encounter…


The Beauty in Love

photo credit: wplynn via photopin cc

photo credit: wplynn via photopin cc

“The Beauty in Love”

Another blank page
Glaring into my eyes
Almost laughing in my face at my
Unfulfilled desire for poetic expressions…
If love can cure the sadness,
Can it not also return the
Beauty of the rhymes of life
To one’s heart and soul…
To be expressed upon
What once was a blank and
Unsympathetic page?
I have been often shown
By unexplained circumstances,
That love is the answer to all of life’s
Displeasures and uncertainties…
Yet, as I peer through a dirt covered
Window pane, observing only the
Barren branches of the Althea tree,
I am left in wonder of the truth that
Love is the answer, for there must always be
Beauty in love…
The tree branches are swaying
In rhythm with the gentle breeze
Proudly displaying its leafless
Nakedness without discomfiture,
While the tiny limbs intonations
Propagate the mellow sounds
Of natures percussion…
I watched in sudden wonderment
As the orchestral harmonies of nature
Filled my awakening to its beauty…
What is love if not perceived from
The intricacies of our universe…
What is love if it cannot be found
Within the beauty of an Athea tree…
Baring its soul to the breeze,
To the light of dawn,
And to my own wondering eyes…
As if to abrogate any doubt within me
Of what is beauty and what is love,
A Cardinal of magnificent allure
Landed upon perhaps the most crooked
Of  limbs of the Althea…
Standing proudly, clothed in crimson and wine
Masked in mystery and the eloquence of ebon
Eyes wide open and searching…
Perhaps for love…
His proud and radiant beauty
Upon the naked limbs of the Althea
Within the branches and against the sky
In shades of silver and slate
Is of the most magnificence…
I had found the beauty for which I searched…
I had found love within my vision
Even through the tenebrous glass…
But what of the Cardinal?
Was he searching for love…
Or had he already found his love…
Standing proudly upon the branch of the Althea?

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

May the beauty of love surround you…



“Eternal Senescence”

“Eternal Senescence”
The tiny intricate veins
Were becoming more visible
With each passing day
As the skin continues to wither
The hues of amethyst and crimson
Spreading their colors
Beneath the thin layers
As if bleeding beneath the surface
Copiously more frail than that
Of merely a few days passed
Sunlight exposing the newly
Formed lines of degeneration
And yet, while fully immersed
Within eternal senescence
The beauty still reigns within
The dignity of being
Hues of colors never imagined
Radiating within their individual splendor
While the frangibility of existence
Pendulates between this world and the next
Its fragility lingers from birth
Until passing into the unknown
But in its existence…
Radiates the beauty of the universe
Immured into one single life…
Even for a maple leaf

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved

Often pendulating between this world and the next…