Empty Benches

Empty Benches 1

Empty Benches

I sat upon that very bench, not long ago
Listening to your whispers
From the willows bending with the breeze
Longing for the tease within your eyes…

I have felt your touch in the softness
Of the ripples, brushing gently the ground
Where our bare feet wandered
With love to ponder in the moonlight…

Your scent so fills my breath
In the chill of the morning air
Like the moments we shared together
As fields of heather bloomed in light of morn

I see you there upon that bench
Your bare feet warmed by sun kissed grass
The hues of dawn blushing your smile
All the while, loving me…

It is by far, the hardest thing I do
To feel this ground beneath my feet…
To breathe this air
With only the hint of your perfume…
To linger in the brume near empty benches

I still can see your face within reflections
The patience of the pond in feigning glass
Your smile and gentle yawns against my breast
Linger in your breath… Β within the dawn



27 thoughts on “Empty Benches

    • Okay… I’ve got the time difference straightened out now… so I’ll tell you good evening this time. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this. I am in awe of much of your writing, so your beautiful comment humbles me greatly… and I thank you…
      Hope your dreams are most beautiful tonight…

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  1. So delicately touching Michael. I enjoyed this very much.Funny, I was starting to write about ripples this morning but my poem would have taken a very different turn πŸ™‚ Best. Chevvy

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    • Good morning Chevvy… Well, probably not morning still where you are but it is still before the dawn here. Thank you for your beautiful comment. You have so brightened my morning. I’ll be hanging out on your site later this morning and I’ll be looking for those ripples, to see what different turns they took. Give a group of writers a single word to write about and you’ll get many different but wonderful verses… Isn’t it wonderful how that works out. Hope your weekend is going well and that you find many inspiring and beautiful ‘ripples’ along the way…

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      • Thank you Michael and good morning to you though it’s afternoon here. I enjoy your very reflective and sensitive writing which always stirs my heart so it’s always a pleasure to visit your Blog. Yes, imagination is a wondrous thing so do go ahead and read my take on ripples. Thanks for your good wishes and have a great weekend too! Chevvy.


    • Good morning Tina… Thank you so much for your kindness. It’s so nice to get such a compliment on my photos… This one just seemed to create itself and threw itself over my poem. It seemed to work out very well. I would be willing to bet that you have found places with such peacefulness near to you as well. Hope you are enjoying the cool… first of fall weather in Memphis. Have a great weekend, Tina and thank you so very much always inspiring comments…


    • Good morning Laine Anne… Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday. I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem and the photo… I certainly enjoyed putting them together… They just sort of found one another. That seem to always produce the best results in many aspects of our lives. That is my favorite bench… I can never help but linger there for a few minutes whenever I am near… and the tree nearby is magnificent… Great combination. Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments…

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      • Thank you, Michael. FYI – my blog will be marked private tomorrow. I have a list of writers who have been engaged since the A Poet’s Journey (including you) who will be receiving email invites to join the secured site. I hope you will continue reading. May your day be blessed with gentle thoughts.

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    • Good morning Nathalie… I so appreciate your beautiful comments. Tenderness has always encompassed my heart, but It seems I have found it a little easier of late to express that tenderness in words. Of course, the romantic in me certainly helps that along. I hope your morning is going well and wish you a most beautiful day.

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    • Good morning Amber and thank you so very much. You must know that your words are the greatest compliment a writer can have. Creating emotions in one’s heart is exactly why we write and you have so brightened my day… Thank you…
      Hope your day is filled with those ‘best’ pulls at your heart…


  2. How did I miss this? Awe this moved my heart it’s so sweet and the way you speak of your loves bare feet is so tender and sweet! I love this photo and the 33 heart arrow on the tree is the perfect touch! Wow Michael! So sorry I didn’t see this post! I never want to miss your beautiful words! πŸ˜„

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    • Thank you Sue. I hope they were good goosebumps. The photo is a pic I took a few days before this post, of a place I used to wander more than I do now… It’s just a little lonely there to wander by yourself… but on my visit there, it just begged me to take this picture. I did have a little help from online editing tools to deepen the colors in the sky though. Glad you liked it.

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      • Yes Michael very good Goosebumps, reminded me of a time in the past I did my own wandering and sitting on empty benches, During one of those phases that really wakes one up to who we are πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


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