Happy 2016

Happy 2016 a

Good morning and Happy New Year to all of you who have blessed me by reading my attempts at poetic verse.  I am so very humbled knowing that there are so many of you who seem to actually enjoy my words as I struggle to pen my thoughts of un-normal-ness.  I am particularly grateful for those of you who have taken the time to search within those words of abnormality… to read between the lines… to discover some of the sentient depths of my perhaps unusual heart and soul.  To those who have honored me with their most beautiful comments… encouragements… inspirations and enlightenment… Please know that you have made my heart smile. 

For those of you who have searched deep enough to discover some of my desires that linger deep inside me… of love… of life… of truth and understanding… of passion… my longing to bring a smile to the face of another… I thank you with all my heart.  I am truly honored.  To those who have interacted with me in conversations enough to consider me a friend… I am very humbled and honored by your friendship and will cherish it always.  Thank you for standing by me through my fifteen month wordpress journey.  I have become a far more enriched human being because of your kindness…

To all of you… I wish you an entire year of love, of smiles, and of many beautiful moments…

Happy New Year 2016



12 thoughts on “Happy 2016

    • Hi J.W… Glad you dropped by. Yes, 33 is indeed a most interesting number. It attached itself to me many, many years ago and possesses a great deal of meaning for me. Although it resonates with me more in the realm of spirituality than of religion, it is often associated with many religious aspects. 33 is a very special number and through the years I have encountered others that have experienced special events in association with the number. Of course… my favorite time of day 3:33 am…
      Thank you for your curiosity… I love the interaction…
      Hope your evening is filled with inspiration…


    • My apology for taking so long to respond to your Happy New Year, but you know I’m old and s l o w…
      Hope yours was happy as well and I hope your 2016 brings many more beautiful experiences to you.

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  1. What a beautiful post! I feel humbled in the same way! I’m thankful for you! I won’t say anymore because I feel you know how I feel! Blessings to you Michael! Wow you posted a lot today! I love that! So encouraging! My heart is smiling! 😀

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