“The Unexpected Answer”

photo credit: BrianScottImages via photopin cc

photo credit: BrianScottImages via photopin cc

Good evening all… Thank you so much for your support on last night’s post “The Cowboy and the Crow”…
It was one of those that just kind of writes themselves.  I appreciate the ‘likes’ and the ‘follows’… I’m sticking with the western theme tonight, just for fun.
Hope you enjoy “The Unexplained Answer”..

“The Unexpected Answer”

The children sat atop the fence
Through the rails their legs intertwined
Watching the cowboys corralling the horses
Perhaps for the very last time
She sat inside the small cabin
Echoes of words left unsaid
Her elbow placed on the table
Her hand gently cupping her head
They’d had no rain for months now
Nothing in the fields but dust
She felt as though her endless prayers
Had become just a plain breach of trust
The river nearby once flowed with grace
Now nothing more than a brook
She knew that her cabinets were barren
There was just nothing there to cook
The flour, the cornmeal, all of them gone
The wheat field had turned to brown
She tried so hard to lift their spirits
But all she could find was a frown
The cowboys had left for the mountain
Rounding up every last horse
She thought of offering one last prayer
But no longer trusted her source
The children had wandered into the woods
Leaving her there with her self
All hope had left her all alone
As she placed her cross on the shelf
She heard an unusual noise
And went to look out of the door
There in the dust stood an Indian
Full feathers and paint he bore
She watched as he danced in the wind
Offering the gods his heart
His turtle rattle shook unto the sky
The scene was just abstract art
A falcon flew down at his feet
Pounding his wings in the breeze
Kicking the dust with his talons
While eagles were perched in their trees
The feathered one stopped abruptly
The falcon froze at his feet
The wind was changing direction
Her hope was no longer deplete
She ran from the door in the silence
Grasping the man in bare feet
She hugged him with all her heart and soul
Kissing the paint on his cheek
Storm clouds were quickly approaching
The aroma of rain in the air
The falcon flew up on his shoulder
As he spoke with his gathering lair
He raised his hand to the darkening sky
And chanted his prayers of persistence
She smiled in reconciliation
As thunder rolled in from the distance
The animals came from near, from far
The cougar, the bear, and all
They gathered around to drink of life
As the rain began to fall
She confessed to losing her faith complete
Her God could no longer see
The shaman said, as he looked to the sky
Then who do you think sent me
The feathered one danced beneath the sky
Removing all the fear
The falcon called, the cougars roared
And the Shaman just disappeared

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

Answers are not always presented in the way that we expect…
Never… lose hope!


One thought on ““The Unexpected Answer”

  1. ¨She tried so hard to lift their spirits
    But all she could find was a frown¨
    This was my favorite line out of the whole poem.
    Thanks for sharing this with me.
    And you’re correct, answers aren’t always answered but, we should never loose hope.
    I like how you thank the people for reading your other post and then start off with the new one.
    That’s awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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