“The Moment before Dawn”

Dawn 1

photo credit: Beauty Eye via photopin cc

The Moment before Dawn

Of course it was in the morning…
Earlier than most eyes have found
Their way into the new beginning
Of their lives
Before the first blush of dawn of course…
At the most prominent moment
To find understanding dancing so obviously
Before my searching soul
Before the first song from the mockingbird
I stand beneath the stars
Absorbing the wisdom you so readily offer me…
Far beyond what I had hoped to gather
Every time you glance in my direction
My light brightens, if only ever so slightly…
That you have chosen me to enlighten
In this… the quietest and most beautiful moment
Which so spectacularly separates
The darkness from the light

Copyright © 2014

Enjoy your moment before dawn…



3 thoughts on ““The Moment before Dawn”

    • Dawn… my favorite time of day. I think I commented to someone before that I always get up before dawn, no matter what time it occurs. I’ve written many things that reference the dawn. It just seems I need to be there for some unknown and uncontrollable reason. I wrote other things today that were closer to de-fect instead of per-fect, but they will lie dormant in a hidden file for the remainder of time. I can’t imagine why you might be partial to the dawn, Audrey “Dawn”…
      Glad that you enjoyed it… hope you’re having a beautiful evening. I so appreciate your comments and I thank you profoundly…

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