“The Breath of Angels”

Good morning everyone… I must first apologize for not being able to post anything since December first… I have been wrapped within the sadness of life’s realities.  In my quest to bring light into my darkness, I have tried to focus my heart on the illumination that love brings to one’s heart.  I am hopeful that this post will bring about a gentle recovery of my heart and my soul and return my ability to write more of my un-ordinary words upon these pages.  I deeply appreciate all of you who have visited this site, even in my absence – and brightened my days with your kind and caring comments and ‘likes’…  I hope you enjoy today’s post…

“The Breath of Angels”
I stood in your doorway as you slept
Listening to the breath of angels
For I had never before experienced
Such elegance… before you
I could not preclude my vision
From my own emprise
Of your beautiful face
Lying ever so softly
Against your pillow
Of harvest gold
My work must wait
For it is only in this moment
That I might embrace the tenderness
Of one so far beyond that of extraordinary
I have journeyed through eternity
To find what has brought to my soul
Such captivating enchantment…
For I had never before experienced
Such poetic ecstasy… before you
I was nothing more than
An empty soul,
Wandering aimlessly
Through my humanness…
Before your smile
Filled those empty spaces…
I am a far greater human being
When I am with you…
For you have shined your light upon me
In a way that I had never before experienced…
Now I stand before you…
In the doorway as you sleep…
Listening to the breath of angels…

© 2014

With love,



49 thoughts on ““The Breath of Angels”

    • Thank you Tina – I’m hoping it will break me out of the deep hole I crawled into. I think I’m seeing a little light in the distance, so at least I’m heading in the right direction. Thanks for the wish – I’m ready to get back to those nearly daily posts. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and have some time for yourself to enjoy the pleasures.
      Thanks for being here once again…


      • I claimed the day today. I have to work tomorrow. Year end is looking like a nightmare in the making but it is what it is.


  1. I have missed you. This poem really moved me and reminded me of the fact that I am a far greater human being when I am with my husband. His love has shined a light on me that I have never experience before. He is really my angel. I feel so blest and alive. Thank you!


    • Good evening Janetcate – You’ve brightened my evening by letting me know that I was missed. That always makes one feel a little better. I’m really glad that this poem helped to bring out your feelings about how those who love us can make us shine brighter. I’m certain that your husband must also feel very blessed to have your love. It seems that light is magnified by the love in both directions. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to offer such kind words. I hope the rest of your weekend is filled with love and enlightenment…

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    • Good evening Marva – Thank you so much. It always brightens my spirits when someone takes the time to let me know that they enjoyed my post. I spent quite some time earlier this evening on your site absorbing your most enlightening posts. Truly inspiring and uplifting of the spirit. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and experience many beautiful moments.


  2. Oh Michael, this is a beautiful piece of writing. Before the poem that you wrote, you mentioned
    “In my quest to bring light into my darkness, I have tried to focus my heart on the illumination that love brings to one’s heart. ”
    How do you try and do that in real life, apart from writing? I am just wondering:)
    Also, many of your posts dwell on the theme of darkness and light which I am reallyyy captivated by. They showcase the nature of duality in life, and are easy to identify with:)
    I really hope that you feel better:)


    • Good evening Ysabel – Hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for your kind words and yes, I am feeling much better. Writing always helps bring light into the darkness unless I am actually writing about the darkness, then it’s kind of light diminishing. When I find myself wrapped within the darkness in real life, I try to focus my attention on those who have always enlightened me, who care enough about me to hand me a flashlight when I’m trapped in a dark place. I do the same with animals and nature of all kinds. They are what brightens my spirits and they never have anything negative to offer me… only light and love… unconditionally. It may still take a little time, but those are what helps me crawl out of the dungeon, accept reality for what it is, and once again… do what I can to share the light with others. From what I can tell, you do a very good job of spreading the light to others as well. Keep writing, even when the light dims, I and your other readers will be enlightened by your words…
      Thank you so very much for your comments and interactions on this site and on your own. I very much enjoy it…
      Have a beautiful day…

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      • Sorry for the late reply Michael! I have been pretty busy loving houses.
        Thank you for your encouraging comments on my writing because it really keeps me going:)
        I love your viewpoint towards writing and how it helps to bring light.. That’s very positive and it’s very kind of you to think that although you might be feeling down at times…
        Please keep writing too!:)

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  3. This may well be the most beautiful expression with poetic prowess I have ever read.. Wow! I mean it from the bottom of my heart.. This IS POETRY.. This is an example of what true and exquisite expression from a talented man as yourself epitomizes.. I love Pablo Neruda and u my friend rind me of him and how he gave such vivid feeling to every word he wrote about Love.. On top of that., this made me cry tears for the timeliness of when my heart chose to bask on your mind’s beautiful expression.. Oh to be your pen and muse sounds thrilling!! May I reblog? I adore this 🙂 caro


    • Oh, sure… your beautiful words
      Forming before my eyes
      Instilling all who read them
      With illusions of exquisite expressions
      That could not have possibly come
      From within one of such an ordinary soul…
      Then you wander from my reach
      Leaving me alone with only my humbleness
      Speaking so loudly within my heart
      That I am left in the darkness without
      Pretentiousness or even a semblance
      Of Audacity…
      Perhaps you have been my pen and
      My muse from the beginning of time…
      And yet… perhaps…
      Just perhaps…
      I am yours…
      And I thank you!


      • Thank you Michael.. Can I be open? I have a way of doing so and often I put my foot in my mouth… I am as you a poet who feels with her all.. I trip up many times at what I see as passion and romance then I get hurt inadvertantly.. Why am I saying this? I am not sure.. But all cuteness aside.. Your words resonate deep inside of me and so timely if I told you .. You would not believe it.. But if you don’t mind I would love to allow your poetry to be a balm for my heart.. Thank you!


      • Also your words above or below your first words have soothed me .. And that is a hard thing to do .. Today has been an eye opening one for me and I struggle to write about it but you have inspired me to try.. Thank you.. Because if I cannot write.. I cannot breathe..


      • Certainly Caro – always be open with me and all of us have put our foot in our mouths far too many times. Some us seem to have real talent do to so – one reason I’d rather write than speak. It seems that we all have been misled, mistaken, or so overwhelmed by our feelings, our passions, our longing for another – that we are all too often hurt when we discover that what we understood to be the realities of love, were not at all the same reality of the one for which we care. I am saddened that you have been hurt… yet, it often brings our love into a different and brighter light than we knew before our pain. It can help to make true love, when it finds us, an even greater experience than we had ever imagined.
        I don’t know if there are any words that can heal a broken heart, but if I have ever written one single word that helped to sooth another, then I stand both honored and humbled within the same moment.
        Never stop writing… We all have those moments when something overwhelms us and brings are mind into chaos. In those moments, we may write some rather odd words upon a page, but those words also represent that part of our lives that we must experience and endure… words that will always shed light upon moments in time that have helped us become more enlightened, more loving and more caring in the long run.
        I sincerely thank you for our conversations… and hope for many more to come.
        Have a beautiful day…


      • Michael thank you for this incredibly honest and thoughtful response. I am just now seeing this.. I am sorry I am late in responding. If I did not know better.. ( and I say that because we have only been acquainted here on wp briefly through our love for poetry and writing), I would absolutely swear you were peering inside of my heart and/or mind…It is quite surreal in fact.. You spoke above exactly what I think when it comes to life, love and the art of creative expression through words. You are a talent that I would not be surprised and fully expect to see in print selling millions of copies one day. It is a rare experience to come across a writer who has such ability and also the intuitive vision to feel the heart’s condition. I say this with complete sincerity and respect. I as well look forward to reading and responding to your work for a long time.. Peace to you.. Caro 🙂


    • Good evening Caro – I was quite delighted when I returned to wordpress this afternoon and found your latest comment. I am truly enjoying them. In your comment you said,
      “If I did not know better.. ( and I say that because we have only been acquainted here on wp briefly through our love for poetry and writing), I would absolutely swear you were peering inside of my heart and/or mind…It is quite surreal in fact..”
      Well… please take this within the light of your heart, the brevity of our acquaintance and of course, with a sense of humor…
      When I tell you that I know you have read much of my posted poetry, but it seems you must have missed a couple of the older posts or perhaps you would not be mystified by my peering inside your heart or mind. When you have the time, please read the following posts… let them roll around inside your head and heart a while… and then you can be the judge of the surreal factor… but please… remember as I state in one of the posts… please know that I would never ever harm you… (Oh, and don’t forget that sense of humor). They are a bit unusual and they are guaranteed to get you thinking about surrealism… or perhaps not… I’ll be looking forward to your comments on these.
      Here are the two links to the poems…



      Enjoy them… feel them in your heart… or perhaps in your head.
      Smile – it’s most becoming…


      • Yes I swear I was just about to tell you and it remains one of the most amazing pieces I have ever read.. Perhaps I have seen you.. Actually I have a sleep disturbance I suffer from that is kind of a mystery or phenomenon depending on how one views it and what you believe etc.. For some reason this piece and the other one both bring this condition to mind.. Before I ramble.. 😉 do you have any thoughts to add here? I will wait with bated breath to find out….


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